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Saturday, December 20, 2008

ok ok ok

Don't get all gritchy with me! Here is the deal, the bank takes 5 business days to accept anything from Paypal. So while I was waiting, I thought I would try to do something else that might help us, like talking to the bank. And I also promised that I would try doing that as well. By Monday, everything will be fine. We will not be losing our homestead!

Today is Saturday, and my day to write on WNDN, I am talking last minute gifts, from child to child.

Any one super computer savoy? I am having a frustrating pc issue. Email me, Please!?!


Gail said...

I am so glad to hear the good news.
Congratulations...when one or more are gathered...

Kate said...

I'm glad to hear the news, too, Phelan. I think I misunderstood your last post. Thus my slightly frantic comment.

But in other news, Tag! You're it! I'm tagging you with a Bookworm Award. Details here:


Farmgeek said...

You can call or email Monica with your computer woes. I'll help as much as I can. My day job is in the computing field.

Annette said...

I am glad to hear the news. =) I'm a closet computer geek, so if noone else has been able to help you, just shoot me a mail.


white_lilly said...

Good News!
Sorry can't help you with pc problems I'm still in the pre-school stage.
Have a Merry Christmas and New Year

lisa said...

Geez, I have been absent a long time! I'm sorry to hear you were having such dire issues, and congrats on getting them solved! You absolutely deserve to live your dream, dammit! :)

Anonymous said...








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