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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Obama is taking input and NAIS has made it onto the board. They're asking all of us to write in and comment on both the official web site and their personal one (addresses below with directions). I am cut/pasting the email:

Change.Org - Voting Ends Today for this one!

The private website,, will present the "Top 10 Ideasfor America" to the Obama Adminsitration on Inauguration Day. The first phase of the voting ends today, and the top 3 ideas in eachcategory will be selected for the second round of voting. "Stop NAIS"is currently in third place in Agriculture, and the voting is very close! A few votes may make the difference between the Stop NAIS message making it to the next round, or not!

Step 1: If you are not already signed up for the site, register at:

Step 2: Go to Be sure to click the box labeled "vote!" to the left of the Stop NAIS! Simply leaving a comment does not count as a vote.and also:


The Obama Transition Team has set up a section calld "Open for Questions" on the official website. They have not specified the deadline for submitting or voting on questions, but said they willrespond to the top issues "in the new year."

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Type "animal identification" into the box next to "Search Questions" There are currently 8 questions that involve NAIS that can be found by searching those terms.

Step 3: Click on the checkmark by the question to vote "yes". If you are not already signed in, you will be asked to, with a link at the top of the box.

Please help us stop NAIS. Feel free to copy and past for your own blog. Thanks to Small Meadow Farms for the heads up.


Meg said...

Voted! Thanks for the heads up.

The Thinker said...


Wren said...

I voted, not just because you are my friend, but because I truly believe in this cause.

Now, I have a favor to ask of your readers.
In Feb. 2008, the CPSIA act will take effect. In an effort to stop the lead in imported toys, the CPSIA will require all toys to be tested by an independent lab, at a cost of up to $4000. This is nothing for Mattel or Fisher-Price, but for small time craftsmen, who sell on etsy or at local craft fairs, it will effectively put us out of business.

I feel certain that there are homesteaders out there who supplement their income by sewing, knitting, or otherwise crafting items for children. You can read more, and vote, here:

Kelsay said...


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Sadly, i was at work from 1700 hrs last nite until 0200 this morn; wish i could have voted. Good to see at least four votes from your readers, though; i pray more did so but simply have not commented thereon.

Wren-- a large part of my angst towards NAIS (besides the privacy issue)was the effect it had/ has on small-timers. Thanks for the info; I'll stand!


Anonymous said...








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