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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pick a topic, any topic.

Swing season has once again arrived in Kansas. Today it is sleeting, and flippin' cold! Tomorrow warm and sunny. This weather seems to make one sick. Today I will have indoor chores, like rearranging the furniture for winter comfy, and processing more foods into butter and jams. The oven comes on and specialty breads shall be baked. oh, and that whole dishes and laundry thing as well. But let's not talk about that, let's pretend it is a good day.

The good neighbor broke his Bronco. I think he said it was the drive shaft, a bolt broke, it came down and severed his gas lines. My car was being taken apart when he showed up, my truck is without an engine, and my husband's truck is out of gas. So we towed him with our motorcycle. Talk about a super impressed good neighbor.

Lott has yet to touch Mama. He mounted Edie, the one I didn't care one way if she got knocked up. Mama however, I would like for her to be bred. I am assuming that my record keeping is faulting, she should have gone into heat twice this month. And I haven't seen it once. We have only one more week of October. Let's see what happens. Oh, and Jannelle, Lott likes Pears, a lot. He stole quite a bit of mine.

I neglected to tell you about the puppy. We have had her for about 2 months. I take her everywhere she is allowed to be, this is the first step in training her to be a cattle dog, bonding. She already responds to my hand signals, and lays down to bark. Good Girl. Her name is Sprocket and she is Blue Tick and German Shepard. She is a ghetto dog. A friend of ours that lives in the city brought her to us. She was sickly, too skinny and very lethargic. We gave her a 7 in 1 (shots), worked on her worm and flea issues, and now she has shot up in weight, bounds about all the time. Takes on Buckets the short looking mastiff, not caring that her head could fit into Buckets mouth. She is a spitfire, but pretty well obedient. We have an issue with her listening in the company of other small children. She wants to play with them so badly.

Well I have an article stuck in my head that I need to get down on paper, apologize to my editor, and submit. Meadowlark, you mentioned something on one of my pear posts, so this article should help you out a bit.


MeadowLark said...

Then get writin' woman!!!! Stop with this infernal slacking! :)

Anonymous said...

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