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Monday, October 27, 2008

Late Start

My alarm didn't go off this morning. ok, it did, but I had it on radio rather than alarm, and the volume was way down. So I had to take a child into town for school. My day is starting too late, already behind on chores.

In case you missed it, Saturday I wrote about a Gourmet Depression Staple, over on WNDN.

I talked to the good neighbor yesterday. His truck is broke, so I thought I would see if he needed anything from town, of course he did. We got to talking and he informed me that he didn't need the money he had used to pay our electric bill. He decided to trade what we owe him out with some mechanical work. He said it would cost him at least the $300, to take his truck in. We planned on paying him back next week, but this works out much better. At least helps us feel better about what our finances are right now Oh, and I had a little talk with the co-op. Wow, they sure do know how to put up a fight. At least the extra has been credited to my account and I don't owe this month.

The Phelan Box has been cleaned out. We are going to get some things that don't need to go outside, started in it now. Like sunberry bushes (started from seeds) and some herbs. Hopefully things will work out.
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