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Friday, October 31, 2008

7 years of Mistakes

Happy Halloween!

Today is one of my favorite days. As I type, there is a Lon Chaney movie on. So if I seem distracted, that's because of all the wonderful horror movies that are on. 7 years ago today, we got possession of our homestead. We saw this as a good thing, still do. It been a rough, but wonderful past 7 years. oh oh It's Frankenstein meets the Wolf man. Boris Karloff Rocks!
But no one beats out my boy Bela. That would be the distraction i was talking about.

Yesterday my youngest had a Halloween party at his preschool. brought ghost cookies. The room mother had no idea how to do the job. I didn't either the first time I did it, but I was there on time, had all the parents that has signed up called (she only called 3) and has the goodies set up before they got back from paradeing. She wasn't there, so I set up. She showed up once I was almost finished. ugh. I'm sign up yo be the room parent this year. I signed up to help the room parent. But it looks like I will be called to do the room mom thing again. Other issues with this mom. oops I turned this into a gritch session. Sorry, didn't mean to. I almost made a girl cry. I have custom vampire fangs. Something I got years ago, back in my goth days. They were expensive, so I have held onto them all these years. Every Halloween my boys bug me to wear them. The kids at school always get a kick out of them. So I wore them to my youngest kids party. With my teeth, I can eat, drink and smoke (I heard some of you that didn't know gasp. I smoke.) The only issue is say words with s's. They come out with a shh sound. Other than that, they aren't noticeable unless I smile, or open my mouth. I walked into the class room and grinned at the TA. Her eyes got huge then turned to two little girl's behind her. "Did you see youngest son's mommy smile?" She asked them. They shook their heads and she told them to ask me to smile. They asked, shyly, so I smiled. One girl's eyes got huge and she took a step back. The other girl looked terrified, she was on the brink of tears. Good thing her dad was there to stop them from flowing. My youngest however saw them and began to ask all his friends if they had seen them. If thought it was the coolest thing eveah! The other kids were a little weary of me at first. But everyone had a great time.

We will be heading off to town this evening for some hard core trick or treating. We go to my mother's house every yer. Speaking of my mother, she called last night. She had a heart attack. They are keeping her until today for observation. If she doesn't have another one, she will be released today. If you want, you can go say hi over at her blog. Many of you remember her from here last year when She guest blogged for awhile, and told all kinds of embarrassing things about me.

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for 7 years! We are going into town tonite to trick or treat as well. Sorry about your mom, hope she gets released soon.

Anonymous said...

That last paragraph had to be one of the oddest I have ever read on a blog [with it being preceded about pre school parties and fake teeth].

Um, I hope your Mom is okay [really] and doesn't "have another one"...and you all are able to enjoy your halloween.

Gina said...

Happy Halloween!!! (my favorite holiday as well!)

Give your mom a hug for me and wish her well.

Country Girl said...

Happy Halloween to you and have fun with the kids. How about pictures of you and your cool teeth? Hope your Mom is feeling better!

alrescate said...

I'll keep your mom in my thoughts.

Anita said...

I had read your mom's post this morning... so glad she's fine!

Congrats on the 7 years!

Isaiah doesn't like to wear costumes, and doesn't eat much candy, so Halloween is pretty much about decorating and handing out candy at our house... :)
last year we had 50 kids when there were 300 FEMA Trailers our here, but this year there are only 60 or so, and we only had one trick-or-treater... :(
Rick was happy - more candy for him.. lol

SilverSunbeam said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. I remember getting that same call a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

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