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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I think it was something about a donkey and a Priest.

I was doing something yesterday and thought, I really need to write about this. And guess what, now I don't remember what it was.

Yesterday my husband was home from work. Mondays are his normal day off. What that means for me is that I am worked like oxen. After pushing a motorcycle 1/2 mile the day before, my legs are just not up to all this manual labor. (I wanted to apologize to those of you that did not know my darker side. Usually that many people do not click over to my motorcycle blog, and I didn't think to warn you that a can make a sailor blush) We did our fall pruning, checked on the fencing, which meant walking the property, we dealt with animals, cleaning what need to be cleaned. Discussed the potato issue, cut and transported evil stickers out of the field to be burned. Yelled at Edie for trying to push me around. Yelled at a horse for breaking into the feed bin and eating a weeks worth of creep. And made plans for winter projects. My husband will be making me a sunflower seed press, while I will be making a motorcycle fender out of chainmaille.

As we walked, I felt the need to whine, I'm soft dang it! of course I hear, walk it off. But didn't I do that yesterday because of you? Funny, I keep hearing complete strangers informing me that they can see how much my husband loves me, I think it is the look of determination, not love they are seeing. He is determined to break me! I should have been in the house canning and prepping food for the winter. He and the boys can do the outside prep until I am free to help with that. nope, not going to happen that way, so today I have to catch up on 1 days work, before doing today's work. geesh!


Janelle said...

I feel your pain, in fact I feel like you've gotten enough exercise for the both of us. I'm going to plan a nap on your behalf later :)

Phelan said...

ha! Thanks. I need one.


The same thing happens to me when my hubby has a day off! So, I feal for you,but I am glad that I am not alone! :)

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