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Friday, September 05, 2008

Here we go

I don't really talk politics here. I have many reasons to not do so. Just like I don't talk about religion. Somebody will not take something right and get all upset over it. Sorry April, but we are going to use your post as an example. April has a great sense of humor, I have been reading her for what seems like years. But when it comes to politics, people lose their humor. Go read it, then come back here, I'll wait.

Back? See what I mean. Whether or not you are voting for a certain person, it is a cute post. And really didn't warrant some of those comments.

Now, about me. Some of you know that I was a Ron Paul fan. Unfortunately Ron Paul will not be a choice come November. So what is a gal to do?

I am an Independent, that tends to lean to the left. I am pro-choice, I am pro marijuana (surprise surprise) for medicinal use, I am pro gun, I am for the death penalty. I love freedom of speech, but wish the press would keep their opinions to themselves. I am proud to me an American, even if we smell like hamburgers to the rest of the world. And even though my family are immigrants, I still think we should do something about illegal immigration. I grew up in a Socialist house, and know too much about it to trust it. I am all for freedom of religion, and although I am not religious myself, have no problem with the Pledge of Allegiance in my children's' class rooms. I am anti-big brother, all for welfare reform, and think we have become a nation of whiners. oh come on! You know we have. Just listen to the conversations around you. How many people aren't complaining about something? I think we should drill, and find alternative fuels. And by my State's standards, we are poor.

Now with all that said, you can see why I am an Independent. No single party encompass all that I believe. Either way I vote in November, I will have to forfeit something I believe in. This year I have decided to go a direction I have never gone before. There is no lesser of two evils for me, I made my decision a good time back.

My choice was easy. And no matter how you vote, I still love you all. Our freedom to decide is one thing that makes this country so great.


Rachel said...

Thanks for the link to April's blog. I can't believe people are leaving bad comments about what she said. I thought it was a "cute" post.

have a great day! =)

Taylor said...

Lovely post. I'm not an independent, by any means, simply because my beliefs tend to be mostly encompassed by one particular party. There are a few things that I "cross the aisle on," but none of them are more important that my main beliefs.

That said, boy howdy do I envy you and your ability to be rational! I get frustrated at myself with how passionate I get and how much I care sometimes. Because, really, when all is said and done...they are all still politicians.

Though a shout-out for Ron Paul! I really liked him and I'm sorry to see him pushed to the side like he's been.

Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife said...

I'm with you, stuck between two parties with a set values and priorities and beliefs that isn't encompassed by either party. But I'll go a step further and say that neither party is addressing some issues that I see as elephants in the living room. The living room is getting rather crowded with these ignored giants.

Both parties pretty much disgust me these days. I see hypocrisy, power- and money-grubbing, magical thinking, soundbitism, grotesque pandering, and lack of moral courage in both of them. Honestly, it's pretty hard to tell the difference between them most days. I'll probably vote for a write-in candidate who has no chance of winning.

I don't blame you for avoiding politics in your posts, by the way.

Matriarchy said...

Know what kills me about politics? The length and expense of the campaigns. All that money raised, for nothing real - spent on TV ads and signage. And it goes on and on and on. OK, we just had the two conventions. Let's vote NOW. Or in like, two weeks. Not two more months of this, after the endless series of primaries. It all feels like such an enormous waste of money, when so many people are hurting for another dollar an hour in their paychecks.

Stephanie said...

Yikes those comments!

Respect for each other is certainly lacking!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you too on being mostly in the middle with a lean to the left. And as for April's comments, I'm not really suprised. This election is crazy and has most everyone's back up. It appears there's no sense of humor when it comes to politics this year!

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Well said - it's going to be a long time 'til November. I for one am sick of working so hard, and paying taxes to support those who choose not to work. We have a career family on one side of us, and a multi-millionaire on the other side. I went to school with the welfare guy, his kids are now 30ish and on the same program, the multimillionaire just got a government grant to put solar panels on his barn. He has never worked a day in his life (he's 58) and he gets veterans benefits, because his first week in Vietnam while he was drinking in the officers club someone threw in a grenade. He took a piece of metal in his calf. He is NOT disabled at all. He also pays a 28 year old guy $20.00 an hour to maintain trails on his property, but doesn't provide healthcare. They helped this 28 year old single, healthy man enroll in Oregon's healthplan!!

There hasn't been a good choice in a long time, I hate picking the lesser of the evils. It never feels good!

Aaron said...

Religion and politics are hot button issues. I wouldn't expect someone to bit their tongue when a blog accepts comments. All standard comment 'rules' apply.
When you open a sensitive subject up, expect debate to happen.
I too have made my choice. I also don't feel it's necessary to alienate my readers (if there are any) by politicizing my blog. It's not the subject matter of the blog, nor do I care for it to become one.

MeadowLark said...

Both sides make me cry. And there's not a viable third choice. It's so bad YoungSon has decided not to vote which breaks my heart as well. He and I have decided we believe in PRODUCERISM.

Wikipedia: Producerism sees society's strength being "drained from both ends"--from the top by the machinations of globalized financial capital and the large, politically connected corporations which together conspire to restrict free enterprise, avoid taxes and destroy the fortunes of the honest businessman, and from the bottom by members of the underclass and illegal immigrants whose reliance on welfare and government benefits drains the exchequer.

But then again...

Anonymous said...

You go girl. =) Passionate subject. I have to agree that in the end, our candidates are politicians and humans.
Listen carefully to what your instinct tells you; people tell you what they want you to hear or believe, which may or may not be the truth.
Important reminder: regardless of how you vote, we are all human. *hugs*

Beth said...

I never knew there was someone as in the middle as I am....and I'm the opposite of most of the things you said lol.

Country Girl said...

I with you on ALL of your beliefs that is why I too have never considered myself one party or the other.

Tiffany said...

I also generally try to keep things like politics and religion off my blog...and have recently been feeling a bit overwhelmed by everyone sharing their political opinions lately in blogs. But I just wanted to comment that I am completely with you here. I stand with you on pretty much every issue and also can't find one party that I truly feel I identify with.

Don't know why some felt they needed to blast April for her was sweet and after watching Sarah Palin's speech last night (finally), I completely agree with April. I can't help but love Sarah for being a true person and pit bull...or at least she seems to be and must be a great actress if it's all a show.

April said...

Hi Phelan,

I knew before I hit the post button that I was opening a can of worms. There is a lot of passion in some of the comments and I can appreciate that. So, I'm okay with the lack of humor in some of those dad was one of them. Go figure.

I too do not align myself with one party. It's difficult for me to get past some of the issues on both sides.

As I get older my opinion changes on many things. I won't be blogging about most of those issues because goodness......that wouldn't be funny at all.

BurdockBoy said...

I respectively disagree. Once you post anything about politics, it's fair game whether it's meant as a joke or not.

The Thinker said...

I thought blogs were for people to either connect with their family & friends or a place to present information that may be useful to others. (Or even just a place to get stuff off your chest.) I don't think it's ever appropriate, in that type of forum, for people to post unsolicited negative comments. I just don't get it. That'd be like animal rights activists coming to Phelan's blog and giving her a hard time every time she talked about slaughtering an animal.

If you don't agree with the subject matter of the blog, you're in the wrong place. It's no more appropriate to jump on someone's blog and start giving them hell than it is for you to intrude on an overheard conversation in an aiport when you start to dislike the direction it's taking. Yeah, I know there are people who do that... just sayin'... it's not appropriate. :) (IMHO, of course)

Gina said...

I personally don't like debate on personal blogs either. Debate is so subjective and we all have such varying opinions. I am also a "stuck in the middle with you" type of politico, but I definitely have some strong opinions in some areas.

My first instinct when I read April's blog post (my very first time reading her blog) was to immediately have hairs stand up on my neck and I thought, "Is she serious?" But that is because I hadn't discovered her sense of humor. Many of the comments may have stemmed from that...

I guess I differ in that I WANT to hear commentary. We are intertwined in some difficult situations caused (IMHO) by all of our collective apathetic attitudes toward these irresponsible "leaders". We are accountable for much of the discouragement we are feeling because we allowed certain groups with greedy agendas to have control. It does make one feel emotional. I want to hear the emotions.

Like many, I can't decide how to vote (or whether to vote-a first in my entire voting aged life!) Hearing the opinions of others makes me want to learn more or at least lose some of the apathy that has engulfed me.

Ok, said way too much...:)

FancyHorse said...

I try to stay away from discussing politics, too. Everyone's entitled to his or her opinion, and I have mine, but I keep it to myself.

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