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Monday, September 29, 2008

He needs Medication

I am exhausted. Plum tuckered out. On Friday I drove 40 minutes to my husband's work, only to be put to work pulling motorcycle parts out of a shed. Saturday I went back to the shop for the open house, if you are interested you can read more about Broadway Street Bike's open house, here.

Sunday we went and picked up Lott. We had to borrow the pick-up from our squatter (he still hasn't found an engine for my truck that is to pay his rent). The ball hitch had to be changed out to fit the horse trailer. We got up early, but didn't get on the road until 1130am. Our youngest son went with us. We made good time, and didn't run out of gas. Lott's owner's are great people, and the men had Lott on the bus in no time. We chatted a bit before heading out. ( she brought up a few subject that she would like me to talk about in detail)

The drive home was interesting. You could feel Lott shifting in the trailer. We stopped at the toll booth the pay our bill, when suddenly the entire truck shook like it had been hi by straight line burst of wind. The toll worker looked at us with huge eyes. Lott had lunged into the side of the trailer, shaking all of us. We shrugged at the toll booth worker, and said he was getting restless.

We pulled into the drive, then out into the field. My ladies stared at us for a moment until I called them. They came running. We let Lott out with our neighbors over to gawk. Lott eased out, more interested in the horses that had ran up to the fence to see what was going on, then the ladies that stood a few feet away. Urth, our youngest calf, ran up to him first. They stood nose to nose for a moment until her mother, Edie, got nervous and ran in between the two. She smelled Lott, then waved her horns at him, and took Urth off. Lott tried to follow her until Uma, the oldest calf came up with her mother, Mama, in tow. Mama and Lott hit it off. She should be coming into heat soon. But then Sunny came into the picture, and Lott decided to follow him around the field. Lott got kicked once, but that didn't even slow him down, he continued to follow the horse around the field. I have a feeling that Lott had never been around horses. Sunny has been around cattle his entire life, but I am a little concerned about Lott and what he might do. Today we will pull Sunny out of the field, just to be safe.

I have decided that Lott has ADHD. He doesn't seem to be able to keep his attention on one thing. He will follow Sunny out into the pasture, then get lost and not know how to get back up to the corrals. So he makes this cute, husky moo, trying to get the ladies to answer him, but they ignore him. Urth will run out to see what he is doing, he will spot her and start running back, but then the other horses will catch his attention, and he will run back out to the field. I assume he has never been exposed to goats and sheep before either, because the next thing you know, he is chasing them around the pasture. He gets lost, and calls out again.

We have a couch and a love seat stacked up next to the panel fence. It has been sitting there for awhile, waiting to be burned. The girls like to rub on it, so we haven't been in a rush to burn them. Lott discovered them, and in quick order had that love seat on his back. He dragged it out, and had been playing with it ever since. He is sharpening his horns on it, preparing to defend his new ladies from other suitors. We decided to leave him the couch and love seat out in the field, hopefully to distract him from tearing up our fence posts. We don't have the trees for him to sharpen his horns on.

My husband lit a fire last night. We had to burn a few things. Urth was mesmerized. The poor girl will be a pyro if we don't watch it. She would just stand there, it had to be hot, and watch the fire. My husband brought in a square bale for the ladies and Lott to nibble on. As soon as he walked through the gate Lott was right there, sticking his horns into the bale my husband was carrying. My husband had to push back, several times, to be able to stay standing and defend himself. Lott isn't as docile as he was pretending to be at Blessed Nation Ranch. He did allow my husband to scratch his head for a moment before shaking his horns at him.

Lott also flipped the banny coop.

Today we are going to do a bit of rearranging. Our peaceful coexistence is no more. Lott isn't use to this kind of atmosphere, so we need to make it safer for everyone. I am also going to pick up some bull wire today so he doesn't chase the horses through our fence. That is the last thing I need. My ladies are use to be herded by horse, Lott however, doesn't seem to have that respect (hence the thought he might have never been exposed to it)

Once again I find our homestead in chaos. Restructure once again is a must. But this is only temporary, Lott will go home at the end of October.

I had pics on a cell phone of Lott with the ladies and the love seat on his back, but they haven't shown up on my email. If I ever see them, I will post them.

edited to add as the owner is concerned. This is normal behavior. He is just testing his boundaries, showing off for the ladies, letting everyone know that he is the new boss, and he is just playing with some new toys, like the couch. He has not made a threat towards anyone. The docile comment was tongue and cheek. Lott will be just fine, give him a few days and he will settle down with the destruction part of the attitude and enjoy some of his new toys.


Janelle said...

I don't think he's ever seen so many animals in one day. I hadn't realised that you were pasturing them all together. The key to Lot is not to let him bully you. He is a really big toddler. My girls miss him already. Hope it takes.

Phelan said...

We won't. He is just as bad as mama. I emailed you, answering the questions to what you asked on the two forums. His behavior is normal. He will be fine in a few days.

sexy said...







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