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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I might end up grounded

I'm 30, and I still have ten years left on my grounding, but after yesterday, that might just get extended.

My 4 year old son had pre-K screening yesterday, so I didn't get to my mother's until after 10am. We got to work on those grapes, putting a very small dent in them. 4 lbs seems to be nothing when working with so many grapes. I taught mom the recipe, and we got 9 half pints put by. I left because I had to meet my oldest and middle sons at home after school. I called my mother later in the evening to see if she had blown herself up, my mom has been canning for years, no worries there. She had went out to buy more lemon juice and ended up with a huge water bath canner. This thing holds 9 quart jars.

Mom, you are using and electric range, it might be too big. It could break your coil.

But she was willing to take that chance. Then asked if she could double the jam recipe.

Nope, sorry. You should never double a jam recipe and never use quart jars to can it in. It will not jell correctly if you do that.

Now I had a grumpy mama on the phone. The joys of gleaning have passed. Its fun to gather, but then. . . then you have to process it all before it rots. And that takes time and back soreness.

So, if I don't see you tomorrow, I've been grounded.


Given55 said...

Very Funny!! Now, get over here and get to work.

Anonymous said...

hehe I so enjoy your blog. Hope your not grounded today! =P

Robbyn said...

LOL, ok you now just answered a couple of lingering questions I had about why so many homesteaders can small quantities of the jelly at a time when they have such large quantities to process! Never heard of the coil dilemma, as we always had electric growing up and mom canned with a behemoth canner...we just got lucky, probably!

Phelan said...

I don't wanna!

Annette, I brought cheese danish, so I think I got out of the grounding.

Robbyn, glad I could abstractly answer your question.

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