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Friday, July 25, 2008

It is normal to give away a little of one's life,

in order not to lose it all.
~Albert Camus

I started reading Camus when I was 12.
I got my first piercings before it was cool.
I wear combat boots and I am not in the military
I was a goth kid before they had a name.
I listen to opera and death metal. And depending on the band, at the same time.
I butcher my own livestock
I milk my own cows.

Now, I can see where you are starting to wonder where I am going with all of this. No it isn't a meme, don't fret. No one is going to get tagged. These are just a list of some of the things in my life that I find normal. However I also know that the general population doesn't think it is.

I play RPG's, ones not on a TV or PC screen.
I make chain maille.
I listen to Cradle of Filth while canning
I watch reruns of Little House, dressed in Motorcycle paraphernalia, while shucking corn.

We all have our little idiosyncrasies. I have been called not normal or someone has said to me, that's just not normal, on a pretty regular basis. Even here on my blog, people have some to watch the side show freak. I'm rather use to it, because I have always been a little out there most of my life. I remember walking into a McNasty's back in the day, and a mom pulled here child away from me, whispering "don't stare."

But now I want you to stare!

This Sunday a new blog called Women Not Dabbling in Normal will have its coming out party. Old school style, people. With the fancy gowns and father escorting the ladies down the large mansion stairs. It's got a rather hard core line up of ladies.

Kathie, from Two Frog Home is the mastermind behind this. She brought together 5 other women to make this blog happen. Gina, from Cauldron Ridge, Robbyn from The Back Forty, Jessica from Practical Nourishment, Kristine from Dancing in a Field of Tansy, and myself. Starting Sunday, the women will post a little about themselves on their regular posting day. Friday's are reader question days (go see Kathie for how to get your questions answered) and then, we start behaving abnormally. This should be an interesting resource for those of you interested in homesteading.

ok, my stupid was showing yesterday. Funder kindly pointed that one out. Palomino is not a breed, it is a color. This is what happens when a stupid horse owner gives a neophyte horse owner information.


Woolysheep said...

You make chainmaille! Cool! I am in the SCA here in Texas. Looking forward to reading ya'll's new blog.

MeadowLark said...

Woo hooo! Can't wait.
And then tell me how you preserved your radishes. What do you do to them?

Funder said...

Aww, don't feel bad. This is how you learn stuff! :)

Anyway, color registries are REALLY confusing and stupid, since many horse colors don't breed true. If you bred two palomino horses, you'd only have a 50% chance of getting another palomino. (25% chance of a red/sorrel, and 25% chance of a cremello, a very pale horse.) Most non horse people and new horse people think it's a breed, and I think the color registry just helps to confuse that.

Can't wait to see the new blog. If the other posters are as weird as you (and I mean that in a GOOD way, I'm pretty weird too!) it will rock.

Meg from FruWiki & All About Appearances said...

Normal is overrated. The most normal people I've met were also the least interesting.

As a teen, I thought being different was some sort of crime. Now I realize what a gift it is to be able to see choices that normal people don't see or consider.

For goodness sakes, I'm trying to grow my own food while other people who are facing far worse financial circumstances than I are fretting over whether to buy generic lunch meat because someone might see or their kids might feel deprived.

Eh, gardening and feeding the chickens gives me a great excuse to wear my purple plaid rain boots. Talk about abnormal, though -- I'm a girlie girl who loves simple living! Just so long as I don't have to give up skirts and my huge shoe collection
; )

Freak or not, I really love your blog. And even though I'm more than ok with being different, it's nice to know there are others out there with the same interests.

Matriarchy said...

Yipee, our own weird blog! I am SO not normal. I try to keep a lid on it for the kids' sakes. And because I don't parade *all* my private biz on teh internets.

But fortunately, my kids are growing up to realize that *normal* ain't normal.

Phelan said...

woolysheep, yep, I make everything from amour to fetish wear. Right now I am working on a fender for our bike.

Meadowlark, radishes? Side bar under Back 2 Basics has my radish saving post. Saute them in butter and freeze. I will tell you what I do with those in an upcoming post. Watch for it :D

Funder, oh I don't feel bad. Why do you think this is a Neophyte blog? oppisite of public opinion, I have no idea what I am doing.

Meg, oh my! Being a child and being different was horrid! I was lucky that people were scared of me, otherwise I would have been beaten up like so many of the others. (that and I was apparently cute, so that seemed to help, hahaha!)

Matriarchy, I heart weirdos.

Anita said...

I have spent my entire life working to NOT fit in with "normal" people...

I'm looking forward to the new blog!

Meg from FruWiki & All About Appearances said...


I should have worked on that scary thing. I was luck not to get beaten up, but the teasing and pranks probably left worse scars. But funny how scars can become badges of honor, too ; )

Scrub Oak said...

A celebration of weirdness??? I'll check in on that.

Gina said...

I'm with Anita!!


Country Girl said...

Why conform to the norms of society? I look forward to reading your new group blog. ~Kim

Peter said...

Haha, metal and opera at the same time...I thought I was the only one who blasts Nightwish and Epica while pickling/baking/splitting wood =)

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