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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One way or another, I'm goinna find you...

Don't like O.N. John? How about some Blondie?

I have been waiting and waiting for my order of Wyndottes. Because of the flooding it will be another week before they get here.

We have a new critter on the homestead. Her name is Buckets and she is a Bull Mastiff. We are only suppose to be babysitting her until my brother can move out from Colorado. Long story...and he's flaky. So Buckets will find a long term home with us.

She is very gentle, but doesn't like men with hats (We can dance if we want to, leave our fears behind). We are thinking about placing a sign on our gate that asks visitors to remove their hats before entering. My 4 year old and her are already best friends. This is scary because, my 4 year old has no fear, a high pain tolerance and a hard head. He is the one I worry most about, the two of them will be trouble. Although I think she will keep him out of danger, she is a scary dog to see. Last night my 4 year old and Buckets were curled up on the floor, she larger then him, and he used her as a pillow.

We were concerned about how our pack would react to her. We allowed our 9 year old dog, link, to meet her first. He bit her butt as she ran to catch her stick. She paid him no attention. Our 2 year old Staffordshire however was ready for a fight through the back door, that was until she realized he Buckets was twice her size. Now the Staffy, ya-ya, is acting like a puppy trying to get the approval of the grown-up dog. She is no longer the alpha female of the house. (I will get you guys a photo of her tonight) Buckets is spooked by the cows, but not aggressive. They are the first things she has seen bigger then herself. Toads however freak her out. She jumps just as high as they do when the hop. And she is obsessed with playing fetch. I had to force my 4 year old to stop throwing her the stick, she was getting tired and too hot, but wouldn't stop on her own.

Since you seemed to like my strawberry syrup so much, tomorrow I will bring you another one.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Your 4 year old and mine are twins, and what is with all the '80 references?

Phelan said...

I'm givig Farm mom a hard time with today's 80 references. She was tired of O.N. John in her head.

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