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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Food to put by

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I seem to be having blogger vs PC issues.

Every spring I end up doing a challenge, this year I chose to participate in;

Back to Basics challenge


A few things in my garden to put by;

Brussel sprouts

brussel sprouts



Stowell's Evergreen corn




We have a lot more coming in, unfortunately some of the photos were not the greatest.

oh and for Lisa. LOOK LOOK! I have flowers!!!!



Of course I didn't grow them, they were here when we moved in. But I didn't kill them either.

I have something that I really want to tell you all. It is something that I hinted at last summer. We at the Neophyte Homestead are thrilled about it. But I am not going to tell you what it is until next Monday.


amanda said...

looking good! i have been wanting to post photos of our little garden too. hopefully this week!

alrescate said...

Ugh. I have to wait until Monday. *pout*

lisa said...

Yay for flowers!! :) Goes to show that you don't have to plant them to enjoy them!

han_ysic said...

So, How do you put by brussells sprouts? I can only think of freezing.

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