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Wednesday, May 28, 2008



The one thing that gardeners fear, hail!

Monday evening we were out in the field, tack fences and talking to a neighbor. The rain came in, and I told my husband I was done. The rain was too cold. I was a few feet from the house when the rain became fat and a dark color of white, not hail, but a sure sign that it would become it. I yelled out into the field, HAIL! And ran into the house. Soon it sounded like softballs landing on the roof. I looked out and hail varying from the size of nickels to golf balls was falling and I couldn't see the neighbor or my husband. After it passed, I found them in the garage, they got hit with some of the hail, but was able to make it to shelter before the big stuff came down. No major damage.

This was the 5th straight night that we had to deal with sever storms, and tornado warnings. We went out to look at the garden between storms. Some of my corn is on its side, but it will still grow that way. Actually the cows walking through it Saturday morning did more damage, then the straight line winds and hail did. Soon another storm came up and we were forced back into the house. We lost power shortly after that. The next morning I came out to find a lot of my garden underwater. Luckily it hasn't rained as much since then, and it is slowly draining off.

Now this might seem a little odd here, but I would love your input. I have 2 tickets to give away for Sturgis Rock'n the Rally Show, but not sure which ones to give away. I will be having a contest on my motorcycle blog next week, but until then.....


abbagirl74 said...

Yes, the storms have been here for too long. I purposely did not plant a garden this year because we may be moving. I won't be here to tend to it. sigh... I love fresh vegetables.

Anita said...

We had to run for the storm shelter 4 nights in a row...We were pelted with baseball sized hail on the way to the truck on Sunday night - we've all got bruises to prove it!
The closest tornado got within a mile of town... that's all Greensburg needs is another one! We're all VERY nervous in bad weather now...

bonnie said...

Hi, I'm visiting from abbagirl since she linked you. I absolutely love your header picture and I wondered if you ever read "The Dogs of Bedlam Farm" by Jon Katz. I'll bet you'd enjoy it.

Phelan said...

abbagirl, get your butt over here. I got plenty of veggies.

Anita, ugh. I grew up in Haysville. Back in the day we were the ones that got tornadoes every year.

Bonnie, Welcome! No I haven't read it. I will keep an eye out for it though.

Anonymous said...








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