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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trying to get back into the swing of things

Being without Internet for 10 days makes a big difference in your life. You get use to not being able to tell everyone what is going on. I would think, I need to write about this, then I forget about what it was.

Yesterday I was feeding the bannies when the brooding hens started to go all Reagan on me ( ya know "The cow is mine" head spinning, slit pea soup vomit). That's when I heard the peeping. CHICKS! It sounded as though one might have fell behind the nesting boxes. My husband was at a KDOT class so I was on my own. I went back into the house and grabbed my gloves. But how on earth was I going to deal with 3 possessed hens and a couple of chicks? I hollered for my neighbor to come help me. He said he would, then mentioned that I had gloves on. He has never had to deal with bannies before. I said I did indeed have gloves on, hens can hurt you. We walked out to the coop. I pushed out all the non brooding hens. One chick had fallen and one of the black bannies was keeping it warm. I grabbed that hen, and yelled at my neighbor to watch the hen in the nesting box right next to my head. That's all I needed was her scratching out my eyes. I grabbed that chick and but it in the bottom nesting box. We then grabbed the second hen, and I handed her off to the neighbor. I moved the second chick and all the eggs to the lower box. Now they should be able to get to food and water. Hopefully these ones will make it.

With Uma pulled off of Mama for the day, we are now getting 2 quarts of milk in the evening. Still enough left over for Uma to nurse. Husband was concerned that she wouldn't be getting enough. I told him, Mama will make more. Plus Uma gets a frothy mouth within minutes of being back with Mama.

My grandmother died yesterday. I am ok, but my mother isn't. If you got a kind word for her. . . I was never real close to my grandmother, so that might be the main reason I am not extremely broken up. I am sad, I did love my grandmother, but really didn't know her. When she came out here to live, she was already showing signs of Alzheimer's. She was 86 years old. My brother's are coming home from Colorado, my uncle is coming in, and the last sibling of 11 will be here ( grandmother had 10 brothers and sisters) she is 92.

The bees will be here this weekend.


BurdockBoy said...

Hey there. Glad to see that you're still up and running. Sorry to hear about the bit of family turmoil, but I take it you are doing well.

10 days without internet. Yeah it's been months for me and it sucks. My new notebook may save me though. Plus it gives me an excuse to frequent coffee shops.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I can totally relate about thinking what you need to write, then forgetting the next minute. I end up not writing anything.

Gina said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother (more-so to hear of your mother's pain). {{Hugs}}

I have the same occurance when I go without internet. I tend to get complacent about posting. Well, until the next frustrating life event that sends me off looking for an outlet!! :-)

Glad you're back!

alrescate said...

I'm sorry about your grandmother babe.

Good luck with the new chicks.

lisa said...

Good luck with the chicks and the bees. Although your granma's death is truly a sad occasion, at least you can enjoy the company of family that you may not see as often. Hang in there.

Margo said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. My condolences and my sympathy particularly for your mum's pain.

Phelan said...

Burdockboy! Wonderful to see you again.

Tim, it's our age.

Gina, ha! I will ty not to wait that long.

Alrescate, thank you.

Lisa, thank you.

Thank you Margo.

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