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Saturday, April 05, 2008

For my Wichita Readers

My tongue in cheek comment about everyone should have a goat, got a response of where would I keep one? Well if you have a backyard, and $20 a year to give to the great city of Wichita, you can have a max of:

  • Four dogs
  • Four cats (Except catteries of 5 or more cats with commercial permit and home occupation license)
  • 12 rabbits
  • 12 fowl of any kind (25 pigeons)
  • Two sheep
  • Two nanny goats
  • One cow
  • Two horses
  • Two ratites (ie, ostrich, emu, etc)
  • 25 fur-bearing animals (100 chinchillas) with a home occupation license

No more than three categories of animals may be maintained at the same location.

You can read all about what you can or can not have over on the City of Wichita Environmental Maintenance Permits site.


abbagirl74 said...

Holy cow. You are good. You are very good.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Good doesn't even begin describe it...
I would find it hard to keep our rabbits under 12.

Anita said...

And here in Greensburg, this tiny farming community, we are allowed no "farm" animals whatsoever... and only three dogs, and no cats allowed outside... *sigh*
thanks for this... I'm going to bring this up at a city meeting sometime soon!

Phelan said...

abba, not really, I just did a search on how many goats could be here or umm...there. I was feeling onery. But I was pleasently suprised by the resualts. I never would have thought Wichita would allow all that they have.

Tim, you need to be quicker on the butchering. :D

Anita, I was suprised at this list as well. Make sure you read everything on the page I linked to. There are some rules about how far and how clen and so forth. It might be helpful to you to bring all of it up. Good luck!

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