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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You know it is Spring. . .

When the chicks arrive in the mail.

If your remember, my friends over on livejournal sent me a gift certificate to the McMurray Hatchery. My order arrived yesterday morning.

I drove into town an hour before the post office opened. I told my mail carrier that last time I went in this early no one answered, she told me to come around back.

Once there, the package was opened and everyone seemed fine. Until an hour after getting home.

Picture 976

This little one wasn't doing to well, and another had managed to drowned in the waterer. My guess is that it was stood on by the other's. I scooped this little one up and attempted to warm it with my body heat. It took about 2 hours, but it did snap out of it, and was able to open its eyes and chirp as well as stand on its own.

We put the goslings and the turkeys out last week. We will catch who ever is stealing from us.

Picture 934

Speaking of geese, last night I went out to milk. As I was there minding my own business, tugging on some teats, the barn yard erupted in excitement. Foghorn Leghorn jumped down from his perch above my head, crowing in panic. The adult geese where honking, goats and sheep running confused and a 6 year old boy screaming and spinning in circles. I stood up to get a better view of the commotion. Gander had a hold of my son's arm, luckily he had on his coat. The two of them were screaming at each other and spinning. KICK HIM! I yelled. I couldn't help immediately as there was too many gates and passage ways between us. The continued to scream and spin. Gander's wings spread as he tried to claw through the boys jeans. KICK HIM! Mama, who I was milking, looked up, snorted and went back to eating her grain. I ran out of the stanchion, out of the barn, through 3 gates to get to my child. Gander still had hold of him. With a tap of the foot to his bottom, gander let go and ran off with his goose. My son went screaming back to the house. He has bruises and scratches, but nothing was broken, thankfully. And after all of that noise, Mama was done giving me milk.


alrescate said...

Is the white goose the gander? My granny had a white gander and he was the meanest goose she had.

Phelan said...

No, the grey one is.

Wendy said...

Geese are mean! When I was little, and visiting my grandma who lived in rural southeastern Kentucky, my cousins and I used to walk down the road, but we'd run when we got to Flossie's house, because she had four big, old, mean geese, who'd actually come up out of the creek to chase us. Mean birds.

But obviously good as watch"dogs". Maybe I should trade in my beagle for a couple of them ... hmm?

Renee said...

Did I miss an earlier post about someone stealing from you?

Glad the little sick chicks seems to be bouncing back!


abbagirl74 said...

Forget being scared of dogs, the geese sound vicious! lol...

Celeste said...

I miss the baby chicks! Good luck with them and with catching the thief.

Phelan said...

Wendy, they are great watch dogs. They let you know when someone or something is around, but that happens so often, you stop listening. I think they like the taste of children.

Renee,over the last 2 years, someone has managed to steal 2 different flocks. I would have thought a four legged predator, but they never take 18 birds in one night. and it is only the biirds that are ready for slaughter. Never an older bird or a chick or a rooster.

Abba, they can be.

celeste, thank you.

lisa said...

I'd always heard that geese were aggressive, plus they like to poop on concrete. My old 4-H horse and pony leader had geese, and they covered her sidewalks and porches with poo...all the time. But great watchdogs, except they liked to bite the mailman!

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