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Friday, March 14, 2008


It is official, I am so tired. And I am not functioning too well today. The boys are on Spring Break, and I would love to sleep in.

My husband is almost done turning over the potato bed. I know I claimed a square footage of 1,200, but I was wrong. Very very wrong. Turns out that is is actually 5,000 sq ft.

The goose are now too big for the brooder, so yesterday I cleaned the nursery and they will be going out there today. I also cleaned the chicken coop. Smelled like something died in there, but I couldn't find the source. I have sent the check out for the bees, we are getting 2 hives and our good neighbor 1. Speaking of the good neighbor, we have been watching him till up 1/2 his land. He plans on growing his own feed. There is no way we can on the amount of land we have a available with the cows, but I plan on sharing my garden with them, at least growing treats for them like beets and sunflowers.

Still no new calf. But Edie is very mooooo'dy. She has no time for scratches these past few days. It's let me in the stanchion, do your thing, let me eat, and gone. Mama is relaxing a bit more, and Uma is allowing us to touch her. She was licking my husbands face yesterday. She is now comfortable enough with us that she is trying to get us to play. And even though she is a tiny thing, compatibly for a cow, she can still knock you down rather easily. Now that she can be approached, it is time to begin the halter breaking. My oldest has volunteered to do this. I will be sure to get a video of him being dragged through the fields to share we you. You can bring the popcorn. Mine won't be ready until the end of summer.

Tomorrow we are having a birthday party for my husband. I have been saving banny eggs to marble for this feast. However, the other day I walked into the house after milking and my 4 year old immediately informs me that the middle son has broken some eggs. This has happened before. I asked where the eggs were and went into the fridge to see just how many had been broken. All my egg cartons were gone. That's when a very angry mom got the 2 very scared boys to show me where the eggs had gone off to. The bathtub was covered in 72 banny and standard sized eggs, all were broken. I had to walk out of the house as t not say or do something I might later regret, I was livid. Do you know how long it takes to get that many banny eggs out of 8 hens? Now the boys have to earn their suppers by working with our food suppliers, be it garden, chickens, geese, or cows. They will learn to respect their food, that is after I made them clean the mess up themselves.

Those of you coming tomorrow, remember sides dishes, and we will see you then. Everyone else, have a great weekend. I might be able to take a nap.


alrescate said...

Please wish Dan a happy birthday for me.

And congratulations on not killing the boys...I'm sure you were tempted to throttle them.

abbagirl74 said...

What time is everyone eating? I may be a little late and I am not sure when exactly to come out. Let me know. Thanks!

Ginnie said...

You are one amazing woman! And what control. I'm so impressed with all that you do - it makes me tired just reading about it! Hope you can get some rest.

lisa said...

You are a good mom to teach the boys to respect their food after that mischief! When my son was 13, he fancied himself a raccoon killer, and made good with his .22 just fine. The coon went under a pine in the yard and died quickly. (My boy is a "dead-eye" with guns and bows.) I told him to go get it in the morning and either bury or skin it...he said "Yea, yea". Well 7 days later I informed him it was STILL his job, and the time is NOW. That coon"butter" after some warm weather, and he whined his head off, but did the deed and buried it! We still laugh about it (me more than him ;-).

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