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Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Day in the Life of This Homesteader.

Yesterday I realized that you only get an edited version of life here. So I took my camera with me and photographed my day.

Morning starts at 620 am. After coffee and computer time.
your mama wears combat boots***greetings***rooster

goats have been on the feed bin***feed***starvin'

roosters***water tank***cow treat

Uma gets breakfast***That's not your's!***Back mama!

Brush down***horns hurt if you don't move fast enough***Time to trick mama

Hurry Edie!***gate locked to keep mama out***Edie's udder

Mama threatening us***Edie knocks the bucket down***Move goat!

Longing to be with the hens***toss some scratch to the girls***Morning check, no eggs

Mama gets back into the stanchion without a bribe***Let ya-ya out***always wipe your feet

feed geese and turkeys***Soda bread for breakfast***some reading time with medium size

mix soil***dry out spinach***beginnings of the upside down tomato planters

Salt must play now!***Lunch***Off to school

Morning is over.

afternoon check, still no eggs***Wave to the husband***5,000 sq ft of potato garden

Worked on those planters all afternoon.

Then after diner.

Evening Check, 2 eggs!***A 3rd egg!***So that's where you were hiding them

Finished the planters***MILK!***Medium Size gets attacked

Dry out noodles***Sew up some jeans***water the plants

write an article

oh look, the interview with me is now up. (you'll have to scroll down to read it)

off to bed. (of course there was some editing involved, TMI ya know)


alrescate said...

Nice interview!

Given55 said...

Enjoyed the interview.

Stephanie said...

looks vaguely familiar. ;)

jules said...

I tried upside down tomatoes last year and they didn't fair very well. What's your secret?

Phelan said...

jules, this is the first tme trying it. If it works, I'll tell you then.

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