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Friday, February 15, 2008


Some of you know my mother, Given55. She guest blogged here for me when I was without a computer. This was posted on her blog today

Last night at my community meeting I had to go to the Emergency room. My chest went into so much pain that I could not endure it any longer. I did not think I was having a heart attack but, did think that I may have fluid on my heart.

She called me last night to ask if I could take her to the doctor today, I said I would. Then this morning when I called her she told me that her husband took her to the hospital last night. Today she saw her regular doctor and she won't know anything until Monday. If you have a moment, could you please stop by her blog and say hi, or say a prayer for her.

Thank you.


dana said...

saw your post on my friends page (tend to read your blog there), and made a post at your mom's blog. i hope she's doing better, hon. will keep her close in my thoughts.

P~ said...

My very best thoughts and prayers for your mom. I loved reading her stories about you when she filled in. I hope she feels better soon.

molly said...

Phelan, I know only too well what it is like to have a sick parent, your Mum and your family are in my prayers :)

Anonymous said...

SOrry to hear about your mom, phelan. She's in our thoughts and I hope she gets some answers soon. xoxo

abbagirl74 said...

Your mom is in my thoughts. If you are needing anything, please let me know.

abbagirl74 said...

Whoa! Just checking in. My eyes did a number on me with the new page look. How's everything going?

Phelan said...

thank you dana.

p~, thank you.

Thank you Molly.

Farm mom, thank you.

Thank you abba. Do you like the new look? Oh and did you get my email. Stay tuned, I will be sending yu an invite shortly. This week has got away from me. If you are up for it, you want to go get a beer this weekend?

Ginnie said...

My prayers are with your mom - and I'm just about to go to her site and post, too.

alrescate said...

I've been keeping your mom in my thoughts. How has she been doing?

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