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Monday, January 07, 2008

Garden Check

Blogger just doesn't want to post pictures for me today.

1st week seeds
seeds 1st week

Here are the Good Neighbor Peas. On the right is the Brandywine tomatoes. In the middle, onions. (they are trying to come up)
Peas 1st week

The cauliflower is doing well.
Cauliflower 1st week

My youngest turns 4 on Tuesday, and he is the only one excited about the sprouts. Many ooo's and awwws were forth coming, as well as squeals of delight. When I asked him if he was going to eat them when they fruited, he gave a loud "uh huh!" My 6 year old declared he would only eat broccoli.

To my LJ Friends, these are the seeds you sent me. Thank you, they are doing great!

1 comment:

alrescate said...

I'm so glad the seeds we sent are doing well!

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