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Monday, December 10, 2007

Preparing for Chirstmas

'Tis the season that my oven never goes off. Unfortunately this year that same oven is being temperamental. Undercooked or burnt seems to be all it knows. Luckily, cracking open the broiler seems to work. Great, yet another thing that needs to be fixed.

The men that work in the shop with my husband will get their yearly Christmas goodies. People tend to forget about these guys, as being a mechanic doesn't hold the same respect as other jobs. Yet they can help save those other guys jobs. A nice big platter of cookies and breads homemade, from scratch will arrive later this week.

Homemade play dough, and baked Christmas ornaments are being made. Along with (the kittens in a minute is they don't stop attacking my bare feet) people's favorite goodies, in pre-made, yet homemade, instant "boxes". What that means, because I lost myself there, is that I make people's favorite desert or baked goods, except for the baking. (and without yeast) If you love chocolate cake, I combine all the ingredients (except the wet stuff unless I am making a cake in a jar) in a canning jar, and pass it on. It is simple, you don't really have to be a great cook, just a good instruction follower, and it's personal.

We are also having a no batteries Christmas for our boys. We decided this and nonchalantly told our parents, now they have taken up the cause as well. Looks like the boys will have to suffer an old fashion Christmas from all sides this year. Slinkies and those punching balloons are big hits around here. Of course My husband and I have to try them out first to make sure they work. Those boys of mine can get pretty upset when you nail them with one of those balloons. Yet get real brave when they are the ones welding it.

Another new aspect to Christmas this year will be the addition of a guest. 15 years ago I met this boy...ok a friend of a friend brought this guy over and he never left. That was typical of my house back in the day. We took in a lot of different. . .boys. It was always boys, an no, no relationship beyond friendship. Well this boy, whom I simply adored, one of the few that I still think about, woke up one morning and decided to go to Colorado. Fast forward 15 years later, many stories to my husband about said boy, and he shows up as a work buddy of my husband's. Even after he showed up here to get his bike worked on we didn't recognize each other. It took a few days, and he realized it first. It was a pleasant reunion. And he has no family here. He will be joining us on Christmas day, and maybe Christmas Eve at my mother's. My boys love him, and have plans about what they are making him for presents.

Christmas this year, might just work out.

Now if we can survive this ice storm that is looming over us. Hope all my friends in MO and OK are fairing well.


Mysti said...

I really like the no-batteries idea! LB usually requires more money in batteries than toys.. I am shamefully pinching this idea from you. LOL

alrescate said...

Punching balls eh? I wonder if I'll have time to find some before Christmas....

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

yeah, like the idea of no batteries. we avoid the batteries as well.

Anita said...

That's really cool about your Christmas guest... My mother would never allow me to bring someone for Christmas, and would get all huffy if someone she didn't know was at Christmas at my house when she got
I miss having time to bake like I used to.. I did get some done over the weekend, though!

Phelan said...

Mysti, good luck!

Alrescate, no not balls, balloons. There is a difference. Most grocery stores carry them in their pittiful "toy" section. Usually by the cerals.

Tim, :D

Anita, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't bake. Great that you got to do some this weekend.

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