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Friday, December 07, 2007

Good Fences Makes Good Neighbors

I use to think that the statement above meant that having good fencing and keeping your animals off others property made for a good neighbor. But lately I don't feel like that's true. Now it means to me that good fencing forces bad neighbors to steal elsewhere. And our fencing isn't good enough.

This last week all 13 of our teen birds disappeared in one night. No feathers nor bodies to be found. Two days later, the remainder of our meat birds disappeared. Our roosters and our bannies and are thinner hens are left. We have also found where people have been getting in.

And it is heartbreaking. We have lost over $200 worth of chickens, since we got a new neighbor. I want to say that I don't know who it is, unfortunately we have found the eggs that people were stealing out near a shared fence, as if they were being help in a shirt and rolled out as the climbed back under.

We made a mistake in thinking that we wouldn't be violated out here. We thought we were living behind that city mentality. We were wrong, and now have set into motion things that will force the neighbor to be good. Better fencing for starters.

Recently we met another neighbor, one we really enjoy. His buddies dog as the one that ate my English bannies, and he replaced them. of course most of those were stolen. It's neighbors like him and a few others, that keeps me from leaving quickly. We do have plans, but they are down the road.

The good neighbor brought me some of his family heirloom cows peas. They are gorgeous. I can't wait to get them growing. He also stopped by and brought a few more bannies for us yesterday. Luckily the bad neighbors don't seem to like bannies. I however think they are wonderful for watching, and brooding and a rooster is great canned.

So the moral of the story is, Good Fencing Forces Bad Neighbors Elsewhere.
Oh now this is a good one. I have Google updates that notifies me of articles written about NAIS. This one By GC (Government Computer) cracks me up. It talks about the revised version of NAIS, and when you click on their link where it says you can read the updates and submit you opinions, it takes you to a registration page for Premise ID . Good trick guys. Of course you can click on more, but it still doesn't get you the updated version, it talks about how good NAIS is for you.


abbagirl74 said...

What the hell? Do I need to come and help with an ass whoopin'? Are you going to report it to the police? Show them the evidence? How can people be like this? I am so sorry.

Celeste said...

set up a deer cam, catch them in the act.

Phelan said...

abba, no not yet, we have plans to get them on film. I was telling the good neighbor, if they were hungry, they just need to ask, but the thing is they have a barn yard of their own over there. I guess with a houseful of 16+ people, it is cheaper to just steal the food.

celeste, we have plans to. But it will have to wait until our srping order of birds come in. They don't like the ones (birds) we have left.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

yeah, I 'm ready to come down and open up a can myself. I would go as far as staying up late and camping myself out there with my shot gun to scare the crap out of them as well. The camera idea is a good one.

MommyMommy said...

That sucks!!! How could people do that? If you have pictures of your birds, can't you get the police and go over to their place and take them back?

Phelan said...

Tim, believe me when I say I have thought about it. The problem is, even though they are tresspassing and stealing, if they some how got hurt on my land, they could sue me.

mommymommy, we don't think they keep them around long enough for that. They are eating them. No tags, tats or photos will help in this case. We will catch them in the act.

deconstructingVenus said...

Oh this just makes my blood boil! I can't imagine what I'd do if someone was stealing my animals!!! Know what you need to do? Get yourself a livestock guardian dog like a Great Pyrenees. Its not gonna stand for people skulking around your property in the dead of night stealing birds. They have dog rescues that actually put them through a LGD training program on a farm with real animals, and I plan to get one that way for a modest $200. Thats spayed/neutered, wormed, shots, and training. Can't beat that!

Phelan said...

DCV, oh oh gimme linkage :D. If you do have a link could you please share it. The donkey should be out here in the spring, that will help later, but not now.

The Fool said...

Hi Phelan. Tell me, is there a fence that will keep NAIS out?

As for your other unsavory neighbor? Claymores. Lots of 'em.

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