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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In a Single Day

Late last night my husband and I braved the horror, the danger that is a hen brooding. You would of been proud of me. I gave my husband the option of holding the top of the rabbit hutch open with one hand and grabbing the eggs with the other, or grabbing the hen. He wussed out and decided he would grab the eggs. With all the lights out and only my husband LED pen light, I grabbed the banny before she could attack. Her tail feathers spread, menacingly. She growled low, telling me to stay back, yet I pushed on, I would not allow this 1/3 of a chicken petrify me! I caught her behind her head, and was able to pull her out. Her head swiveled about like Reagan's did when she was possessed. haha! My hand stayed whole.

We went through the eggs, and all but three looked like this one.egg candleing

Not fertile. 3 though looked to be on the cusp of hatching. Any day now we should have some chicks.

We also went to a cake auction for the local boyscout troop last night. The cake my oldest son made was called Don't Eat the Yellow Snow.Don't eat the yellow snow

The other boys cracked up, and it even got the auctioneer laughing. There was only half as many people this year, and 20 boys crossed over to Boy scouts {oldest is actually still in cub scouts, he will cross over this year} This cake sold for $55US. Not bad.

And I wanted you to see one of the hens that our neighbor gave us.

I call her Mrs. Fluffybottoms.
I call her, Mrs. Fluffybottoms


MommyMommy said...

Ha ha ha ha! Don't eat the yellow snow!! That is priceless, I would have been laughing too!

alrescate said...

He did a great job on the cake!

I like the new hen....

Karen said...

*snorts coffee out at cake*

How about a penlight picture of a fertile egg for us city-girls?

Phelan said...

Karen, I will get you a pic this evening.

Farmfresh the Poultry Lady said...

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Anonymous said...







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