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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Will the Real Phelan Please Log In?

I am back, with a new mouse {thank you Marina} and new keyboard {thank you mother} and bills paid. I should remain for awhile yet.

Where to begin. . . from the beginning you say? Ok, order of events that you missed.

My littlest brother got married! little brother It was an outside wedding. Very pleasant though hot for October. My three boys were in it, and my other younger brother came out to be best man.

I decided to go all Princess Lea {is that spelled right?} And curl my hair. Star wars anyone This lasted for 10 minutes before the weight of my hair dragged those Shirley Temple curls down. {The other day I cut 1' of my hair off and it still hangs past my shoulders}

We got are boys dressed. Aren't they darling? 3 little men I feared they would some how manage to get covered in mud in the truck. Hey it happens.

Lota of photos....
Men of the wedding

Then the walk. wedding march My oldest was hidden behind a pillar so I was unable to get photos of him standing up there with his uncles.Pastor, groom, bestman

With the vows said vows

It was time to party. no, YOU taste it first

The Park people neglected to turn the bathroom lights on, and no switch was found. I swear, if people just happen to overhear my mother and I one would think we were very drunk, all the time. We walked into the bathroom with my husbands LED penlight, holding it over the stall door for one another, being belligerently sober.

It was a great wedding for my brother.


alrescate said...

I wondered what you were doing when I saw that picture.

Your brother and his new wife look very happy. (And the boys looked very nice!)

Stephanie said...

Wow they clean up well! :)
Good to see you back around.

Robbyn said...

What fun...congratulations to your brother and his wife! Your crew "cleans up nice"...great pics :)

You've likely already been given this, but I'm passing along the Thinking Blogger award to you from my site. Yours was one of THE original homesteading sites I first read EVER, and it always make me think.

Thanks so much, Phelan!

Oh yeah, and more mothers and daughters should be having so much fun together that they're sometimes mistaken for drunks...LOL

whimzykat said...

Your boys are adorable! And your brother's pretty attractive, too...
Lucky Bride!

so glad you're back, missed you terribly!

Monica said...

Congratulations to your family and your boys look really handsome! It's nice to see you posting again.

Anonymous said...

Glad your back, and congrats to your brother. Hope things start getting back to normal for you....well, as normal as they get anyway!! :)

maggie said...

Everyone looks adorable. Congratulations to your brother.

lisa said...

Isn't it fun to see your kids all dressed up? Kinda gives a glimpse of them all grown up...mine is 24 and I still feel amazed that he's a "guy" and not my baby anymore. Glad you're back on the blogosphere!

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