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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So you want to know why Phelan is weird. Although by some of your comments this is scary for some of you. Do not worry the reason that Phelan is weird is not catchy.

One young man among you wanted a defintion of weird. Well, here is mine. "an oddity seen by the majority. Carefully stereotyped by them.

Why Phelan is weird. I had a Dr. tell me once that my radio was tuned to a different broadcast than everyone else. My children like to say that they are a product of their mother. There is nothing wrong with me the rest of the world is wrong. Weirdness is not genetic. I have proof in why Phelan is weird.

When she was about 6, I decided that her & I would have a mother-daughter bonding event. So we took our bikes for a ride. Her on her cute little girly girl bike. Me on my womanly-motherly bike. It was a beautiful day. The sky was bright blue & there was no wind. (weird for Kansas. Look at my defintion of weird.)

We took off headed south on this lovely trip. Phelan in front, so, I, Her mother could watch & care for the safety of my child. Thump, Thump. Ok, three guesses what that means. Thump, Thump. If you are of the thinking that it was my daughters head. Bingo. Phelan laid down her bike (biker talk) right in front of me & before I had a chance to swerve I ran right over her head.

I quickly drop my bike and ran back to my daughter, held her in my arms, asked her if she was ok, & asked her to forgive me. NOT. I did get off my bike. But, when I did not see blood (my gauge over 4 kids if there was a serious event) I started laughing. I laughed so hard I couldn't talk to her. I did get her out of the street, while I was bent over in laughter. She however, did not think it so funny.

Proof that this made her weird. It was right after this that she began to play with worms & say that they were sexy. She would find 25 to 50 worms put them into her little red wagon and talk about their sexy look. Uh. It has been a steady stream of weirdness after that event.

I believe that for Phelan the world is seen & defined through the tread of a mother's bike.


The Fool said...

Bicycle treads and worms...hmmm. I guess that pretty much explains it all. Thanks for the insights...


Queen Whackamole said...

Too bad more moms don't run over their children's heads these days... the world could use more Phelans!

Anita said...

Wow. I've been doing it all wrong, all these
... And now we all can look at Phelan just a little more clearly....:)

alrescate said...

That might explain it....

Jenna said...

Well... thats at least an original defense for her actions...

My da always blames the 5 hours my mother spent on the Teacups at Disney World when she was 6 months pregnant with me for my behavior.

Nice to know weirdness DOES come from the parents.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

That is good.

Anonymous said...

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Overwhelmed! said...

Hi Phelan's mom! How neat that you're posting for her. I had to laugh a bit, after getting over the initial shock, at your bike story. :) The "sexy worms" bit was funny too!

Okay, since Phelan participated last year, I’m stopping by to let her know that I’m hosting a 2nd Edition of my Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style recipe exchange!

I hope she can join me again this year on 5 October. And, would you ask her if she'd mind helping me to spread the word by publishing a post about my holiday recipe exchange before next Friday? I’d sure appreciate it! I have the button in my most recent post.

Thanks so much!

Gina said...

I wonder why laughter always bubbles up at those moments of concern. I have had similar problem. I once scared my son with a toy scorpion and I laughed even though I felt bad.

What a "weird" story, LOL!

Celeste said...

I knew it! We create our children's weirdness.

Anonymous said...








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