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Monday, September 03, 2007

We will return you to your regular programming after this

Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day here in the US. Good Monday to everyone else.

Today is a busy day, as my middle son's 6th birthday party is today. They grow up a little too quickly. Makes me feel old. ~ha!~

I also have a few pounds of tomatoes to gather out of the garden. Speaking of canning, I received an email the other day. The proprietor of dropped me a note to tell me about the website. Normally I read the email, nod, look at the site and thank them for letting me know. Most the time I do not review or link out to them because of how I feel about unsolicited solicitation. But this one was different. I liked the mood of the email, this wasn't from someone that was professional about spamming. Instead it was an awkward and sincere try at getting a person to look at their website and hopefully buy something so that they can make a living. With as many of these, please look at my site and mention me emails I get, this one stood out.

I rank a PR 4, not super high when it comes to blogs or websites, but high enough where people will bother me about their wares. If the person is truly sincere, then I will think about mentioning them here, so that you can go look at them. Of course bribery never hurts either. ~wink~ No, they did not offer up anything.

Now about this site, It is definitely a low tech site. Easy to navigate, and not so many fancy graphics that my country dial-up screams and shuts down. They have a few recipes, and are still adding to it. They even ask if you have one to share. They have several instructional videos, how-to's/ basics of home canning. My dial-up doesn't like videos, so I am slowly accessing them. If you watch them, please tell me how informative they are.

As for the shopping. Their pricing is competitive with my high priced small town store. I have yet to buy something from them, but when I do I will let you know about the experience. My only problem is that they are associates, and you buy through them. Not too long ago I got a little ticked with Amazon and their associate practices and deleted my account.

I do recommend checking out the website, Hopefully with their re-vamping they will continue to keep the site simple.

Please let me know how you found the site to be.


Karen said...

Oh yea! Clicky the linky and bookmarked!

My kids are trying to kill each other, So I'll watch the videos later.

Linda R. Moore said...

What happened with Amazon?

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