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Monday, September 17, 2007

A House for the Homestead?

Things often start off innocent enough, like reading through your local rural paper.

For sale Farm house
must be moved
$4,500 Inman

Inman is only a 30 minute drive, so I called on it. The woman I spoke to informed me that another couple was interested nd they had already brought out housemovers to look at it. The house is 1 1/2 stories with the 2 only bedrooms upstairs. This home would not be big enough for us.

Out of curiosity I searched the Internet and found another house, not too far from us for $1,000. I emailed the man and was informed it had just sold. This 100 year old farm house did have 3 bedrooms, but is not in the best condition.

I found one other house listed in Kansas. Built in 1908, frontit is listed as having 3 bedrooms. I called the gentleman selling it. He seemed very relaxed and not in a big hurry to sell. I told him we were interested in looking at the house, he informed me to go on over, it would be unlocked. The reason the door was unlocked, is because it is missing.

We walked about the house, admiring the remaining wood work and flooring. All original to the 99 year old house.

The kitchen is small, kitchenkitchen cabinetskitchen sinkbut that is to be expected as part of the kitchen was renovated to add a bathroom bathroomwithout adding onto the house.

As we looked around with our parents {my parents and my husband's} my mother informed me that what was called the living room, was originally the master bedroom. My husband and I smiled because we were thinking about turning it into the master bedroom. We are also discussing turning the attic into a bedroom. This would make the house a 5 bedroom home, but we don't need that many bedrooms. One of the rooms is right off the bathroom and kitchen, this is were all the plumbing is. This side room we think would be the best place for a utility {washer/dryer, hot water heater} and office.

The house still contains most of the original hardware bedroom door hardware
and built in bookshelvesbuilt-in shelf bedroom

And a wonderful surprise hiding behind a curtain in the master bedroom aka living room
Frosted glass
Frosted glass!

I have a call out to housemovers for an estimate.

More photos can be seen here.


alrescate said...

This looks like a very nice house. Many houses that age are better built than new ones. (I can't tell from the pictures of course but this one looks to be in fair condition.)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Monica said...

I love the old door knobs and frosted glass! I hope it works out for you. :)

Vickie said...

Looks like a great place; I hope it works out for you, too!

Howling Hill said...

Is this what you were taunting us with on Friday? If so, it was worth the taunt. And the wait!

Linda R. Moore said...

WOW! If you get it--what an amazing deal! :) Good luck!

Alexandra said...

I love it! So cute and I even like the bathroom tile. It looks pink?

Stephanie said...

That is exciting news! Now moving an old farm house, that will be an adventure. I love old houses!

Wendy said...

I love the beadboard ceiling on the porch. What a great house! Good luck with making the deal :).

maggie said...

Wow moving a home is quite an endeavor but they do it more and more. Many of the houses here have been moved or relocated some have even come in by sea. This is a unique approach to a home. All that history that comes along with it is very exciting. Good luck Phelan.

Robbyn said...

Oh, man, loving the woodwork and hardware...can't wait to see if it works out for you!!

Gina said...

Oh, it's gorgeous! Keep us posted on the potential house moving project. I hadn't thought about this option, but it may be a way to have an old house.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Phelan. I hope the deal goes through for you! The house looks as though it has lots of potential for your family.

Phelan said...

Alrescate, the house is strong. For the age it has fared remarkablly well. Most of the work needed is cosmetic.

Monica, oh so do I!

Vickie, thank you.

Howling Hill, yes, this is just part of it though.

Linda, it is!

Alexandra, yes, the bathroom would be 1970's pink.

Stephanie, so do I.

Wendy, thank you.

Maggie, thank you.

Robyn, same here.

Gina, I really hadn't thought of it either. Though a neighbor had done this last year.

Farm mom, so do I. And yes, yes I think it will fit our family well.

Nimbue said...

Wow!How exciting! I can't wait to see what happens. Sending you some positive vibes for a smooth deal.

Cheryl said...

Oh my god, Phelan, that is absolutely gorgeous!! You must be sick with excitement (I know I would be)!
Good luck!

Celeste said...

Wonderful house!

abbagirl74 said...

Ooh! Very nice!

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