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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Baker Creek Order

It was asked, what seeds did you order. Here is the Baker Creek list;


Gobbo di Nizzia { a cardoon}

Black Long Beans

Atomic Red Carrot

Lunar White Carrot

Cosmic Purple Carrot

Celeriac {root celery}

Siamese Dragon Stir-Fry Mix

Black Crowder {cowpea}

Russian Red {kale}

Green Nutmeg {melon}

Kiwano {jelly melon}

Black Futsu

Queensland Blue


It shall be an interesting garden next year.


Simply Amethyst said...

Ooo!! Fun stuff! I can't wait to see it all... I envy you!! :)

alrescate said...

Ooo! Those are cool! I was afraid to order you any of the more interesting stuff because I was worried you wouldn't want/use it. I can't wait to see how the garden looks next year!

Howling Hill said...

I've started a seed swap if you or anyone else is interested. Details on my site.

Phelan said...

howling hill, I want to join. Problem though. When I leave a comment on your will not give me the spam protecter box so I can post. I was able to once, but not the second time.

Howling Hill said...

Phelan: the commenting should be fixed now. Come by and leave me a comment so I can email you.

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