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Monday, August 27, 2007

Tales from the weekend

My anniversary weekend started on Friday night, a friend called us and we ran off to the city. You can read about that night here.

My husband and I got 3 hours sleep Friday. Stupidly I hadn't finished, I mean caught up, on the house work that I had neglected to do because of my preoccupation with the wood flooring. It was the kitchen and laundry area that was a disaster, the rest of the house was clean. I spent some time trying to clean up before I had to go pick up the boys. I had left my truck at my sister-in-laws, so my husband and I had to take the motorcycle out in the chilly, foggy morning. A man in a gravel truck was flinging his cargo all over the road as he straddled the middle line. We buzzed around him, only to have him try to rear end us as we turned onto a side road.

Marina was sitting in my driveway when we pulled in. I honestly wasn't expecting her until later that day. I embarrassingly took her inside. Then convinced her that since she had drove all night {10 hours total} that she should go and get some sleep in our camper.

We she woke, we gave her a tour of our land. It is very different from her own, hers has many trees, while ours is wide open. Not too much to see, but we tried to explain how the future would look for our homestead. Then we went into town. She saw the bank, the grocery, Sonic and the liqueur store. Valley Center isn't very big, so that was about all there was to see, besides the Barton explosion site.

Home again. My parents-in-laws showed up a few hours early. Typical for them. I ran my boys to my mother's house for the night. I know what you're thinking, why would I invite the in-laws, but have my mother sit? Many years ago my mother claims she done drunk the Indian out of her and the Irish had taken over. Meaning she was having blackouts, she no longer drinks and finds hanging out with drunks distasteful. She rather babysit then hang out. I stop at the grocery before returning home.

Half the people we invited showed up. That's fine with us, only 1 of the no shows bothered us. One of the guys we spend Friday evening with showed up. Marina and I spent a little time in the house, listening to Blondie and talking while drinking {a feat in itself}. Soon though we were persuaded to go out into the humid night.

The men decided to play wrench and work on a 60's chopper that was sitting in our garage. Something that hadn't been started in years, while the woman folk sat around right outside the door chatting. Marina got to experience the bike building party. Soon air raid sirens were heard. We stood up, trying to figure out what the noise was, the closest air raid and tornado sirens to us are over the river, you can't hear them at our place. Maybe it was some kids, was my response, but then we saw the red and blue lights of a country water engine. Fire! We looked back in the field and there was indeed a big fire in a neighboring field. My sister-in-law asked how high are field was. It was a good height because of the brome that was growing out there. I suggested we take the truck out to the back fencing. When we got out there, we saw that it was only a bonfire, someone didn't like a neighbor and called on them. It is a $500US fine if they didn't have a burn permit. We took the truck back up.

Marina discovered that I am expected to keep refilling my husband's drinks. I realize that it seems a little 1950's, but it is something that I have always done, with only the jesting complaint. My husband and a friend were standing near the house. Marina bet that he was waiting for our return to get a refill. My husband had a little bit of drink left. But when we got up there, he downed it and asked for more. Marina won her nickle. All I had was a dime to give her.

Around 1 am, the chopper was started up, and us women folk clapped the boys success. Shortly there after, we regaled the group in stories from the past 11 years. At one point I turned to Marina, Our first few years were terrifying, I joked.

Around 2 am people began to leave. Marina climbed into the camper to pass out, and my husband and I retired to our room. We slept hard. In the morning I went and picked up my boys. Marina was ready to head out on our return. With a hug and a nickel in change, she took to the road on her long journey home. My husband and I really enjoyed our anniversary, and were thrilled about Marina's visit.

And Alrescate, thank you for the card. We got a good giggle from it.


Nimbue said...

Dangit girl! I want to come over and plaaayyyy... LOL Sounds like ya'll had a fantastic time. That was way to fast of a turn-around for her visit. Hopefully next time ya'll will have more time and get pictures too! =)

alrescate said...

It sounds like you had a great time! I was sick all weekend so I'm glad I was in St. Louis infecting strangers instead of you guys. I'm still hoping I'll get to visit you soon.

Phelan said...

Nimbue, I made a post a few weeks back inviting any one thaat wanted to come out. If you ever decide to drive east, let me know. You are more than welcome to come play.

Alrescate, oh you know we don't mind getting sick from you! Hope you feel better soon. And yes we need to get together.

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