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Monday, August 13, 2007


Country Roads author Pamela is an inspiration to me. I have a clutter problem, not just my own but my husbands as well. For almost a year now I have been watching Pamela post Seven things once a week, she just completed a year. Seven things is where every week you de-clutter your home by removing 7 items. I can see where this might start off easy, but as the weeks pass, you start getting into more of the "are you sure you can do without these?" problems.

Congrats Pamela on your year.

Now I think it might be my turn.

My husband just returned from the Sturgis Rally. I am glad to have him back. The heat has been so bad here, the drought worsening, that I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all the work to keep things alive. But he is back just in time to see his middle son head off for his first year at school, and our 11 year Anniversary. And hey, if you are in the neighborhood on the 25th of this month, drop me a line and you can join us in a little party to celebrate.


alrescate said...

I'm glad Dan made it back!

That seven things a day sounds like a good idea. I've been trying to de-clutter my place but I don't manage something everyday.

Gina said...

Sturgis! He was up in my neck of the woods! My sister and her hubby used to be regular attendants there each year.

I like the idea of decluttering 7 items at a time. I am a pack rat by and large.

Gina said...

Oops, wrong Sturgis! You can tell I am not an attendee!!!

maggie said...

In case I forget congrats on the 11 years. Seven things a week sounds a bit daunting to me. Although it seems that the kids grow out of cloths that fast. I would be game if it were maybe three things otherwise i may start unloading loved ones, (kidding).

Celeste said...

I wish I had gone!
7 items, hummmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...








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