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Friday, July 20, 2007

One Local Summer

With my father passing on last week, I missed the 3rd OLS entry. So this is officially the 4th.

Last night however I wasn't sure what to do. I was on the last day of my 2 week grocery supply. And those of you that find money tight and can't run into town for what ever until payday, understand the dilemma. So what was I to do? My garden is coming in slow as well. ~sigh~

Here I ran around, quite differently than a chicken with its head chopped off {they tend to flop, not run} freaking out that Not only did I need to cook dinner, but I needed a local dinner.

Here is what I pieced together. Ha! And it actually worked.

For dinner we had home made linguine with a Hidden Spinach Sauce, topped with pan seared local steak. Roasted new potatoes, fresh and frozen green beans, and sweet apples and tangy tomato salad.

Everything, except the brown sugar {which I did use and was made in the US} came from under 50 miles. The veggies from my garden, the dairy products from 36 miles away. The meat is 20 miles away, and flour 36 miles away. All the herbs I used came from my kitchen herb garden. And salt 15 miles away. The apples came from 48 miles away.

Click links for recipes.

For desert I had made cookie dough last apple season. We thawed it out and had, Apple, walnut and chocolate chip cookies. It is a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe with chucks of apples and finely chopped walnuts. All local except sugars, vanilla and chocolate.

And to answer your question Carol Anne. When we first moved out here, I had a hard time going from the house to the chicken coop in the dark. I just knew that a rabid skunk would jump out and eat my face off. Now its nothing to run out in the middle of the night in a snow storm or lightening storm. I had to adapt, and get over my fears to be able to survive, and keep my animals alive.


Anonymous said...

Hey- I was wondering did you adjust anything else in the cookie recipe?
All thet healthy meals and I want cookie info!
My garden is slow to come this year too. In a few weeks we'll all be canning through the middle of the night..........I hope

Anonymous said...

Cookies rock! :D I published the cookie recipe, you can find it here. This wasn't made for the OLS, I did it to try and use up the 250lbs of apples I got free last year.

Stephanie Appleton said...

Looks yummy. Wondering how have those apples lasted you? Do you still have a stockpile or did you use a lot of it up? Going for more this year? Just curious.

Phelan said...

Stephanie, I used up as many as I could, and as they spoiled they went to the turkey who seemed to jones after them. Yes I plan on getting more this year, though not as many. Unless that is I can get abbagirl over here to help me.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I am ready for ours to be ready. My kids will eat apple sauce by the gallon it seems. I think that is what is what I will do with them this year. Well of course some pies and crips too! :)
oops Tim is signed in. I am to lazy to change it.

BarnGoddess said...

great post.

When we run out of things around here, were eating peanut butter sandwiches, NOTHING like that delicious feast you prepared.


Unknown said...

When I was given boxes of windfalls, I made Spiced Apple Cordial, which seems to go down well with everyone, especially in Winter

Anonymous said...

Where do you get your salt?

Phelan said...

I buy it in town, at my local grocer. Most table salt that you buy is mined out of Hutchinson Kansas. The one I buy is mined out of Hutch but is packaged in Olathe.

sexy said...






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