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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No prairie fires this year.

Stephanie over at stop the ride is calling it repurpose, I still think it is brilliance in desperation, or white trash ingenuity. A few miles down from us, there is a house that is on the market. We stopped over because we know the couple that owns it and we wanted to talk to them about their house {hopefully we can get our friends into the place} While there, they offered up some re bar and a pick-up bed trailer. It was too wet to get it out, we will need to go back for it, but we did come home with another trailer. This one is the base of a camper The body was ripped off of it, and gutted down to the plywood base. I never thought of doing something like that, brilliant! My husband plans on adding a ramp and some metal studs that can hold tie down and use it for a motorcycle trailer.

Today is a busy day, we are attempting to make ourselves look normal. Tomorrow is the fourth and family and friends will be descending on us like locus. From where we are we can see the fireworks from the city, and from 2 small towns. We also get the race tracks celebration and one local man that has his own show, he is licenced for it. All around us the sky is full of color, and we have no curfew on when we must stop being noisy. By the next morning our long driveway will be full of firecracker remnants.

One local summer will be held on Independence day. Yes, it will be another BBQ. Today I need to bake hamburger and hot dog buns. the only thing that will not be local is the sugar used in the desserts.

I have so many green tomatoes. I am a little nervous about the sun finally making an appearance. Harvest will be large this year.

What are your plans for Wednesday?


Rebecca F said...

Why not pick some of the greenies now and have fried green tomatoes for your 4th too! :)

Anonymous said...

My 4th won't be quite so local. I'm headed up to our cottage to spend time with the family. Lots of fishing and hiking will be done :)

Billy said...

My plans for Wednesday are to work until noon. Then I will be at home making homemade potato salad and pasta salad, deviled eggs, and a cheesecake. We are then driving down to a local fireworks stand where my boyfriend's family is working and will barbecue there. Yep, only in Kansas can you find people grilling in the parking lot of a grocery store. lol..

Have a great day!

Stephanie Appleton said...

We have a friend whose porch railings are made from painted rebar. It is interesting. That is one thing I must say about WV there is always inspiration for "repurposing" The hillbilly (white trash) way!

Celeste said...

REpurposing(or rather the hint that it might be used for repurposing) is why I have so much junk in my yard.

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