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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Do you own a horse?

If so, Penn State is doing a survey about what you think of NAIS.


Marina said...

Thanks for posting this, love. I submitted my answers.

Billy said...

Are all of you okay? I have been worried about you all day. I lost your phone number and I can't get a hold of you. Just let me know you are all okay. The news about the explosion has been on the news all day. Please let us know you are alright.

Anonymous said...

hey, I'm here from Abbagirl's. Hope all is well there with you and yours

Unknown said...

My horses are passported (legal requirement in Europe now) & chipped. I had to chip them or do anything in the hopes that if they are stolen I can get them back & prove that they are mine. My draught mare is a Gypsy-trained driving horse who knows the dimensions of her Vardo so well, that, when I put a trotting cart on her, she pulled in for traffic as if she were pulling her 12' x 7' Waggon (NOT caravan!). I priced her at 30,000 GUINEAS, to price her out of the market (really she's worth about 3,500) & even had someone almost offer that for her! That is why I'll go to such length to ensure all hell if the Nackers steal her as they did my dogs. Gypsy Cobs here are the American Gypsy Vanners; mine is skewbald with tribald tail & forelock.

The Goats-which-are-Sheep are not tagged, though they ought to be & I may have to comply if I start driving those.

Imagine tagging the poultry........ let the min of ag do that themselves!

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