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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Are we done?

Once your water comes to room temperature, mix the yeast with water in a bowl until dissolved, add the two flours and use a rubber spatula to pull the water through the flour and mix the two flour. You will end up with this.
This would be your sponge. Cover and set aside. We will come back to it in 5 hours.

So are we done with games?


Anonymous said...

In case you missed it, I posted a photo of a little something I whipped up tonight for the contest in your 'I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours' post. (Although I must say, my excitement waned quite a bit when I realized you were talking about food.)

Anyway, I think you'll be impressed by the care and creativity I put into my dinners. I've thought for a long time I could have a career as a chef if I wanted.

I call it Toast A La Carte Happy Face.

Yes, I know. I got it going on.

Billy said...

So, what is the family up to while you are blogging for the next 10 hours?

Phelan said...

Yes, Bob I did get it, and peeked. I love it!

Abba, arguing. Boys are watching short circuit, and the ol' man has crawled into bed. The boys will pass out shortly.

Anonymous said...

I like the games! I was just trying to catch up on the posts I missed, and scrounging around to see if I had any pictures of things I'd cooked - which I do, but none on flickr or my computer.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure we will have to come back to our 'sponge' in five hours.

I think that thing will rise up and overtake all of us in about two hours. Three tops.

I've got 911 on speed dial just in case.

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