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Friday, June 29, 2007

Yellow leaves

Yellow leaves on our garden plants seems to be a problem this year, not just mine but a couple more of you have also noticed this.

If your tomatoes are yellowing, it is a good time to start fertilizing. Your soil needs a bit more nitrogen. Another problem is the rain, all the rain that we in the Heartland have been getting is not a good thing. Tomato plants are not swamp plants and it is never a good idea to water the leaves. All I can tell you is to clip off the yellow, fertilize and hope for the best.

With your pumpkins doing the same thing, it is the start of a disease known as Pseudoperonospora cubensis. It thrives in damp, cool weather. This is not something we are use to here {Heartland} You need to spray your vines with a compost tea, now, while conditions are right for the fungus to thrive. If you don't your quality and quantity of your gourds will be reduced.

Yellow leaves in pepper plants are also a nitrogen deficiency.

Your potatoes plants are suppose to turn yellow and die, that's when you know they are done.

If you are concerned about your plants and have a question, ask. I will do my best to answer.

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