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Friday, June 01, 2007

Reduction is addictive too

I can see what the cost will be
You know I don't need you
I just can't put you down
I can see what it all means to me
Honey I don't need you
I just can't put you down ~Alice in Chains

So maybe that song isn't about energy consumption, but I still found it fitting. WELCOME TO LOW IMPACT WEEK!

As I have stated I will not be participating in this, otherwise I would need to do completely without. But I did tell Crunchy Chicken that I would support her and the others by discussing energy usage and waste on the homestead. No, I am not going green, I am still as salty and selfish as ever. Yet consumption and waste are important factors when caring for your own little plot of the world. Personally I think you shouldn't think much larger than that little plot, at least not until you have it under control, then you can move onto your neighbors, as their feelings about their little plot will end up affecting yours.

Today's Low Impact Week topic shall be energy consumption.

Turn off everything that is non-essential, and go outside.

There you go, that is how we at the homestead reduce our energy consumption. We spend more time outside than in. No TVs on, no lights on, no computer left running. Only things running are the fridge and freezer, our water pump that cycles on and off, and the clock on my stove.

Once darkness has come, we tend to congregate in one room of the house, where we watch TV, read, or play games together. Lights get turned off as we leave a room, and the children think it great to turn the lights off while one of the kids are still in the room. Oh the screams of terror from the victim and the laughter of the bully. It can keep everyone entertained for awhile.


The Fool said...

There is a beauty in such simplicity...and that is the way the world will change. Happy Friday, Phelan.

Phelan said...

Happy Friday to you two. By the bye, I have two strawberry recipes up on the food blog for you. Side bar under food naturally. More to come as I make them. :D

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

turning off the TV is the best thing anyone can do to improve anything.

P~ said...

I agree very much that we need to worry about our own little plot. I will not try to convert my neighbors to anything that I believe in. I believe in it because I came to it on my own. I wouldn't say that I am "going green" either, and I try to stay away from that terminology whenever I can. I think it has a tendancy to oversimplify the issues. I want to reduce and simplify my life. I want to own my time, and I want to make healthier and happier choices. This is what it is about to me.
Thanks for the support on the LIW.

Phelan said...

Tim, yep. Unfortunatly we are dealing with lots of rain today. We are inside. ggrrr...

P~ Welcome to the salt side.

Rhonda Jean said...

You're doing good things on your plot and they are having a flow on effect through your blog. : ) I think we all start at home and slowly that filters outward.

Carla said...

Thanks for the reminder. With the weather we've been having, it makes it easy to make less of an impact. I'm on my way outside right now. My garden is calling.

Billy said...

I have been so tired lately. Work is a chore. Thought of you today when I went by the extension building. Still going to the Farmers Market?

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