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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Only my mother could tell me what to eat

and I soon grew out of it.

I am a little angry. I was just reading over some of my fellow homesteaders blogs, and Cauldron Ridge had a NAIS update. Angry? No, I am livid. How dare they push this program off onto our children. So much propaganda, it actually hurts to think that Future Farmers of America could be lulled into such complacency.

NAIS isn't a good program. It doesn't prevent disease in animals, it will not protect us from terrorism. It will take family farms away, placing them into the hands of factory farms that can afford the equipment.

NAIS is just another program to tell the American people what they should eat, and how to use their land and homes. We are steadily losing our freedoms because of money, greed and fear. They seem to think that we are actually willing to roll over and allow them to pat our bellies like good little dogs. I know the USDA reads my blog, I see them, and I don't care. I AM NOT AFRAID.

Do you really want to eat cloned meat? Do you really trust and agency that would go to court because they didn't want to test more then the less then 1% of slaughtered cattle at one slaughter house? Do you want to be mislead about organic foods? Recent history of the USDA has been laughable, if it wasn't so terrifying.

All these new rules that are to keep us safe are plain wrong. They do nothing of the sort. These new laws that they are pushing put us in more danger. Food labels will be legally able to mislead consumers. Factory farms, and big agri-business will be the only ones to benefit.

If you eat, then NAIS will affect you. Please, do your own research and make up your own minds. Do not be bullied it rolling over.


Anonymous said...

It really gets the blood boiling doesn't it? They've already started some of the nonsense here in MI. This year all cattle have to have ID chips. I think people just feel so helpless. I've signed petitions and I get little patronizing letters back, if I hear anything at all. The last one the Congresswoman actually tried to convince me of just how safe cloned meat was!!

Phelan said...

The cattle Association of Kansas has fallen into line with NAIS. Only because they want to export their beef to Japan. I really hope they do not force the issue here. If you click on the tag NAIS you can see the letters I have recieved. Most of these people do not seem to understand what NAIS is. I am sure cloned meat is safe, for now and in low dosage, whatever happened to long term studies to prove the pros and cons? oh that's right we are now the chimps, and there is money invovled here.

Win us the lottery and then maybe we can buy us some laws.

BarnGoddess said...

I am against cloned meat. Cloning animals and humans is is wrong w/ our govt' leaders?!?!?

Celeste said...

Stupid, just plain stupid.

Gina said...

It makes me mad too (it has from the 1st time i heard about it). like farm mom i feel helpless. iam south of mi (IN) and the two states follow similar practices where u/s/da & the states' dept. of Ag are concerned. I get the same letters back from my "elected" officials.

its not well known on the blog (because i have fears of discovey by my employer), but I work for them (different area). they send us these stupid emails telling us to support the NAIS. i want to scream some days at work.i will never support it.

a few weeks ago, i received an email about the internal structure of the agency and i can tell you this: "stakeholder" (their word) is mentioned first in the mission statement. Public, on the other hand, is listed last. it makes my blood boil too.

what i am trying to say , is that we do not matter. i really believe this now. i'll continue to support by not signing up voluntarily (my state has made it mandatory and not one small farmer knows about it. Ask one of the big time farmers and you can bet they are compliant!!!)

sorry to be a downer about it. i have had no support from IN officials. unfortunately, i think this pessimism is contagious. :-(

(sorry for 1 handed typing here)

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