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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

If civilization has risen from the Stone Age,

it can rise again from the Wastepaper Age. ~Jacques Barzun, The House of Intellect, 1959

Paper products are a problem here on the homestead. No matter how many things we opt out of, other things will replace them in the junk mail department. My son's school papers come home in droves. Food is package in a pa
per product, clothing has tags, and I like to write freehand {BAD Phelan!}

Paper plates and napkins rarely come into my home, and when they do it is usually because a guest brought them. And to be honest, it isn't an environmental reason I don't buy them, it's an economic one. Though there are times I wish I could just throw out my plates rather than washing them. I have yet to justify the cost.

I am addicted to toilet paper, and that's about all I will say on that subject. No,no, your bathroom, your policies.

What do we do with all that paper that finds
it's way into our home. If the back side is blank, we save them for the boys to draw on, if not, to the shredder! We shred paper and mix it into the chicken nesting. And then into the compost pile {someday I might have a bin} We do not have curb side pick-up for recycling. I rather find new uses for things than hauling it all into town after it has sat, collecting various bugs and rodents. I have moved cardboard boxes that have sat for a week before, I'm telling ya, wear gloves.

We still get our bills via the paper trail. I have tried using the computer to receive them, and more times than not, I never see the bill. Plus we like physical paper trails around here.

Books are a hardcore addiction of mine. Those of you that read about the farm auction found that one out. I am still unsure of how many books I ended up with for that $1. I can not stand the thought of throwing away perfectly good books. When I am done with one, or had save it from being burned yet don't want to read I leave it for the next person, via a program called

That would be today's Low Impact week subject. What do you do with your paper waste?


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

We have opted out of the junk mail, steph picked up a shredder at a garage sale for $3 and we compost everything we can get our hands on.

Phelan said...

Thank you for the email Tim. I forgot to mention on the post, but I reuse plain envolopes to dry my herbs in.

Mysti said...

We have a big barrel that is used to burn paper products. It is filled weekly (paper plates, mail, etc) and after the ashes get to a certain level, they can go around the trees or flowers. I like she shredded paper under the chicks. =)

P~ said...

Phelan, I just wanted to drop you a line regarding your handling of Low Impact Week. It doesn't bother me at all that you decided not to "participate" in it. To me it's a personal thing. I do however, really enjoy the way that you are presenting your take on it. You are living in a manner that many of us either could not or would not. I love the fact that rather that try to do something that is low impact for a week you are sharing with us the things you already do that are low impact everyday. I've been thinking this, and felt like I needed to take a minute to tell you. I feel much better now.
:) P~

Anonymous said...

Nimbue, we too have a burn barrel.

P~, was it bothering you to begin with? I am happy to hear you feel better now. :D

Jeff Roberts said...

Just keep printing things - I work for a printer company! :-)

Actually we also do software and services geared at reducing paper, so I guess we're covered.

April said...

Paper goes to starting fires around here. The ashes go in the compost.

Rhonda Jean said...

we shred our paper - the shredder is a left over of my corporate life - when it dies, we'll hand rip our paper. We use it in the worm farm, the compost and for chook nests.

Bob said...

There is way too much packaging on things, its like playing pass the parcel there are so many layers of wrapping.

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