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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The eggplant

The eggplant is a stubborn thing. It is picky about the weather and soil.

If you haven't yet started you eggplants from seed, say two months ago, don't do so now. Instead head off to your local green house and buy one ready to plant. Once your ground is thoroughly warmed you can plant them out. The like very rich soil, a mixture of two parts rotted sod and one part compost with a little sand mixed in for good measure. You will need to mix in your bed well rotted manure at the rate of 2 lbs on either side of your plant.

In the early days, you will need to protect the small plant from the weather, use things like pop bottles and milk jugs to create a mini greenhouse.

They like soil that has good drainage, they will need one inch of water a week. this needs to be done by hand. {and while I say that, it's best to do the same with your entire garden, it does much better than sprinkling everyday} When new growth begins, it is time to mulch, use straw or hay for this, 2 inches thick around the plant.

In July, you eggplant is going to be in need of feeding. Side dress with compost or another natural fertilizer.

Allow 2 1/2 feet between plants and about 3 feet between rows.

And I wish you the best of luck with these guys. Check sidebar for a recipe on the food blog

{speaking of greenhouse plants. . . abbagirl or anyone else in the Wichita area, if you are interested, it's field trip time! The Farm Markets are open, and the greenhouses are present}

What shall we plant next?


The Fool said...

Hi Phelan. My dad loved eggplant. My brother and I hated it. We used to go through the garden and pluck the buds from the plants in order to keep the purple stuff off the table. To understand...consider it purple asparagus.


Have a great day.

Jeff Roberts said...

Yeah, eggplant was one of those things that Dad enjoyed growing and Mom didn't know what to do with. So like most everything, she sliced it thin and sauteed in butter with some onions.

What do you do with it?

Anonymous said...

I never have liked eggplant but it sure is pretty. Enjoying your site. Read about you in WSJ. I'm in Greenwood SC and enjoying my garden too. All flowers. Volunteer coreopsis everywhere this year. Have no vegetable growing expertise just eating. Am new at this. Forgive any fo pas I make. Hope you are doing well.

Phelan said...

Fool, hahaha!

jeff, I have a recipe posted up on the natural food blog. I also replace meat with it.

Welcome over Ruthiesc. No worries, I nake many many many mistakes. It's how we learn. I am horrible with flowers. SO you are one up on me :)

Crunchy Chicken said...

Oh, eggplant. I really wish I liked it. But after years of eating in restaurants where the only vegetarian dish was eggplant, well, I no longer can stomach it.

Billy said...

Hey! Farm markets where???

Stephanie Appleton said...

We planted some this year. We'll see what happens. Our soil is basically clay. This whole year is an experiment to see what will grow in this stuff. We've added lots of manure, but probably need to mix in sand too.

Your farm markets sound wonderful!

Phelan said...

Sorry to hear that CC. When I was a vegan, it always baffeled me that resteraunts could never seem to figure out vegtables.

Abbagirl, emailed

Stephanie, how funny, I just posted about clay.

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