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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last weekend

At least for awhile.

Because of the season change my weekends are a little busy. So I will not be around on the weekends. I will pick up the Make it from scratch carnival come slow season. Sorry Stephanie, I was enjoying it.

Today's list of chores;
Fix field fencing
erect dog run
heat up goat pen
garden planting
household chores

That's just what needs to be done today, I have another list for tomorrow.

If you need something to read, check out my blogroll on the sidebar. So many interesting people over there.

See you all on Monday.


Unknown said...

Heat up goat pen?

I ought to be doing the rest on your list as well, but I need more fencing, more posts, a post driver...
Got water back, so I can do washing & washing-up again. Have filled water receptacles for the animals though~ ex sandpit, baths, 25l drinker, bowls, & the dog bucket, plus cuddled Lucky after she escaped the broody chamber & walked to village & back, plus swearing at computer that's taken 3 days to download a firewall! (7 attempts)

No garden here ~ all land for the animals

Jeff Roberts said...

My list was shorter (forget sunblock, mow yard, chip mortar off bricks, get sunburn) but still ate up the day.

Robbyn said...

My time's shorter, too, but I'm not getting as many concrete things done. Our things are paperwork, deadlines, and the spinning plates of "invisible" things to finish up in preparation for my daughter's graduation, scholarships, etc.

Enjoy having your hands feels so good to have good weather and productive days! :)

Stephanie Appleton said...

no need to apologize! Join in when you can!

I'm feeling the effects of needing to do more outdoors too. Or should I say my house is showing the effects!

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