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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Too Tired to Think

Work here has slowed down as I try to get my father settled in. I don't expect things to get back to normal until the weekend.

The weather has been swinging pretty hard. On Tuesday it was 96F {35.5c}, yesterday 77F {25c}, last week 48F {8.8c}. I hear people saying that this is caused by global warming. I'm not completely convinced of that. It has always been like this, as long as I can remember. If there isn't an ice storm, or drizzle on Halloween, then I will consider the possibility. But even then, the ice storms are something that only began 10 years ago. Before that, Halloween was always pleasant. I am sure we are causing environmental problems, but I am not willing to blame everything on humans just because I am unable to recall what the season was like the year before. If anything it has been getting colder here, not warmer. let's call that my rant for the day, and the dawning of the new ice age. ~insert dooms day music here~

On to the apples;

25 lbs down!

3 lbs of baking apples were dehydrated yesterday. I thought I could make apple coffee cakes this winter.

Apple trivia to amaze {annoy} your friends with: Apple juice was one of the earliest prescribed antidepressants.

I think my oldest son brought an illness home with him, and I caught it. Bad timing

1 comment:

Bug said...

Awe I hope ya get better..darn kids.

I'll have to keep that anti-depressant thing in mind, my stepsister is going through some problems right now and mebbe drinking it will perk her up? Well see...

Have a great day!

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