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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday BlogRoll call

PARLANCHEQ, Don't call her PC. She has some fantastically funny posts. Ones that you must read, for they are just too hard to explain. This is one of my favorite non-homesteading blogs.

Reader meet Author is a blog of 12 writers, Ali from Farley Heath alerted me to it. Poems and short stories galore. I say that this blog is a must read is you enjoy watching a writer mature in his or her craft. Very cool guys!

Shoot My Blog is a fun idea for a link sharing blog. You take a photo of your computer while the screen is on this blog page, and submit it to Reno. Reno will post it as a link exchange. There is also a contest going on for the most creative photo. You can find mine here; A Homesteading Neophyte

Spinning Spider Jenny, is about a woman that spins her own wool. I don't know how to do this and find it completely interesting.


abbagirl74 said...

So, another blogging girl from the state of Kansas. I read your comments on Melon's blog. Interesting stuff you have on your blog. I have added you to my favorites. I will be back.

Lynn S. said...

Phelan, you gots to learn to spin. You are so a spinner. It's easy easy easy. I promise. It's easier than canning apples. ;)ht

Teri said...

It truly is easy. Of course, then you wind up with all these bins of fleece and roving and cotton, etc. And then there's that yarn that you have to do something with. I've decided to try my hand at production spinning. The company I'm working for doesn't pay a lot for it, but it's something I can do at home and maybe spin off into my own business someday.


Thanks for the shout out. :)

I love your submission to Shoot My Blog! Those are real chicks, right?

Phelan said...

You gys are now my homesteader pushers!?! ok ok when I get sheep, I will try my hand at spinning.

Parlancheq, yes, those are real chicks.

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