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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday BlogRoll call

My fellow blogging homesteaders Part 3

Tales of a Texas Farm Wife is maintained by Marina. I have always enjoyed her stories, she just needs to update a little more often.

The Green Mommy is more of a green apartment living blog rather than a homesteading blog. But Jenny has the idea and is doing as much urban homesteading as she can.

The Unusually Unusual Farm Chick is a very interesting blog. Tammie lives in the suburbs on 1 1/4 acres. But she is doing a lot on that small plot. She also has a dream of one day buying her own farm.

The New Homemaker is more about family than homesteading. But they have the right idea. I suggest you check out Lynn's City Riparian Project. Day Zero Day one Day Two


Jeff Roberts said...

Do you have a list of Anti-homesteaders? You would be scandalized to know I own 6 acres and all I grow is grass :-(

The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...

Hmm interesting huh.. LOL. Thank you for your mentioning of my blog.I started blogging as a way to record I realy need to update Buy The Farm though, but have been badly sidetracked.
I realy enjoy your blog Phelan and am so glad I found you (it)- but cannot remember how I did so..
Congrats on the Bestest blog award!

Phelan said...

Jeff, ha! I have only met one person anti-homesteading. I do have non-homesteaders on my blog lists as well. I have no problem with someone not homesteading, or using their land for nothing. To each their own.

Tammie, but it is interesting. I really like it! and Thank you.

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