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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday BlogRoll call

Part 1 of my fellow Homesteaders.

Adventures in 100 acre wood, is written by Stephanie. Her blog focuses on family, and raising small children on their homestead. She also hosts a couple other blogs.

False Sense of Security is a blog whose owner found me. Yesterday I made my way over there, and found a delightful and well written blog about his homesteading efforts.

Free Range Living is a blog I have posted about before. {but we are going in alphabetical order here} Cheryl is an Urban homesteader. She has recipes and some of her city adventures posted.

Green Fingers is written by Michelle. Her posts on homesteading deal a lot with the homesteader's garden and the stresses that come along with everyday life and choosing to live a life of simplicity. It's never really that simple.

If you are interested in homesteading, check out my fellow bloggers. Even though we all are doing the same things, we face our world in different ways.


Stephanie said...

Aaww! Thanks for the high light!


Urban homesteading?? You mean I can't use living in the city as an excuse for not homesteading anymore? :)

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