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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm feeling a little form lettery today

Dear Phelan,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the National Animal Identification Systems' plan to track certain animal. I appreciate having the benefit of your opinion on this issue.

As you know, the National Animal Identification System is a national program intended to identify animal and track them as they come into contact with animal other than herd mates. The system is being developed for all animals that will benefit from rapid trace backs in the event of a disease concern. However, like you I do not believe the producer or individual farmer should be stuck with paying the bill to implement this program. I will review the information you provide and will continue to work with my colleagues on this important program.

Again, thank you for contacting me with your concerns for the National Animal Identification system. Please feel free to contact me with further questions or comments. It is an honor to serve you in the United States Congress

Best Regards

Todd Tiahrt
Member of Congress

Well that's a relief! He doesn't think that I should pay the $1,400 it might cost me to comply with NAIS. He wants the American tax payers to do it. I would like to thank all of you for taking the financial burden off of us. We homesteaders whose animals never leave our property, never come in contact with a different herd {unless we are bringing in another animal} whose meat will never go into the public food supply, thank you for paying this program for us. Just think, my $1,400 US worth of NAIS animals is small compared to what some of my fellow homesteaders bills will be.

Hey wait! I pay taxes, and I don't want them going to this program!

Mr. Tiahrt is, well first off I like to state that he used my first name in this letter, not my last, as I have it printed. I found that to be uncomfortable. I do not know him, and I didn't feel that this should be discussed on an intimate level. Ok so I have some very tradition beliefs. {some of my more liberal thoughts, may shock some of you} But this is a form letter, he did not sit down in write it himself, and I will bet he never saw my letter. Back to Representative Tiahrt {pronounced tea-heart} I have never had much of an issue with this man until recently. He has a commercial out declaring that he doesn’t see eye to eye with our President. That's all fine and dandy if a republican wants to distant himself, my problem with the campaign is that it reminds me of DOOM ON YOU! The commercial makes me feel as though he is willing to give up all our freedoms to keep the American people from suffering at the hands of Terrorism. But see, I am not willing to do that. If I give up my freedoms to feel the illusion of safety, why, they won.

"They that would give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." " The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either." ~Benjamin Franklin

Here is my advice as we begin the century that will lead to 2081. First, guard the freedom of ideas at all costs. Be alert that dictators have always played on the natural human tendency to blame others and to oversimplify. And don't regard yourself as a guardian of freedom unless you respect and preserve the rights of people you disagree with to free, public, unhampered expression. ~Gerard K. O'Neill, 2081

Men fight for freedom, then they begin to accumulate laws to take it away from themselves. ~Author Unknown


USDA NAIS implementation strategies

My question for you is, are you willing to pay for this? And If so, please make the check out to Ms. Phelan. You can just send it to me directly.

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