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Thursday, October 19, 2006

I am bad

I broke down and bought a very cheap juicer last night. I am hoping it will make it through at least a half bushel of apples. I am weak, I know. I will not be getting a press until next year, but I have so many apples to get rid of. My boys love apple juice. what else was I to do?

My sweet potato cuttings have rooted. I will transplant them today. I will write about that tomorrow.

I have lost track of how many pounds of apples I have processed. I am down to 3 bushels though.

The turkey is getting more desperate. I am buying my husband a caponizing kit for Christmas. {a lovely gift, isn't it?} but I don't want to deal with more horny poultry. Plus it helps fatten them up.

Yes, I am thinking about Christmas already. It's a great time to buy things that are wanted, more than needed here on the homestead. We don't need a caponizing kit, but it is a nice want and useful. I also thought about a straight razor kit. I wanted to get one for my husband and one for myself last year. But I couldn't find them. People prefer the disposable ones, I assume. They are everywhere. I would like to have a cast iron kettle {dutch oven}, a very large one with a tripod, that can be hung over a camp fire. Oh what I could do with that. Rustic cooking at its best.

So I was wondering, what are your homesteading Christmas wants this year?


Julie said...

I would love a Dutch Oven as well. There are so many recipes in Cooking Light that call for a dutch oven that I just simply skip over because I don't have one.

owlhaven said...

Ok--so I am telling hubby about the caponizing kit you are buying youe hubby. That way whatever practical thing I buy for him will seem like a barrel of fun compared to visions of caponizing dancing through heads on Christmas morning.


Mary, mom to many

Phelan said...

Juli, I have a small electric one. it works great with small meals. You can usually pick them up at a decent price. I have also seen medium sized ones at the farm supply stores that run a little over $20. Maybe you will get one as a present.

owlhaven, it took me awhile to stop laughing. I wonder how many husbands will here the phrase "I could have got you a capanizing kit like Phelan got her husband" when the grumble over their presents.

Phelan said...

oh, and Julie. I have been having problems responding on your blog. I am sure it's me, but I wanted to let you know that I am reading, and have tried to say something. I will keep trying.

Julie said...

That stinks! Maybe cuz you're a beta blogger and I'm still in the original? I know some people sign out and type in their name in the "other" field. Lizza has had to do this before.

Stephanie said...

We have a small cast iron dutch oven. Picked it up at a yard sale.

We have lots of basics on our list. Pressure cooker, food mill, DH would like a hunting rifle. I love asking for practical things for gifts.

Emme said...

I love gifts that are practical - especially is they are used. My grandmother has a grainmill (non-electric) which she offered to me. I told her to save it for me for Christmas.

Great blog!

Wendy said...

I had to think about this one for a while, and then I forgot where I'd seen the question :).

I think my homesteading Christmas "want" would have to be a hand-crank blender ...

Or that seven acre farm with the solar powered house, but I'm not pushing my luck :).

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