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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The broody queen

Seven of my teens where out and about. We wrangled them back in and I did a quick fix to the fence. Hopefully they will stay in.

While I was out there, I grabbed a photo of my brooding silkie
She has been there for 3 weeks. I hope she is eating. She's dirty, and won't be shooed off.I am concerned about her. Taking her eggs did nothing. I am assuming she has eggs under her. Takes 21 days to hatch, I do hope she fairs fine.

Any suggestions?


BurdockBoy said...

Sorry no suggestions, but seeing so many poultry posts I've decided I really want to start raising some.

Anonymous said...

We have a bantam hen and rooster. Neil is hoping that Mattie, the hen will start to lay eggs and hatch them, but so far he has been dissappointed.

I was talking with this fellow at church about our animals and told him about having a hen and rooster and he told me that we should get rid of them as he claims the chickens are bringing so much disease to our barns/farms. I think it was mad cow related. He claimed that the EPA is at the sale barns/auctions each week and they will test the animals and at the first sight of any kind of disease these local auction barns will be done for. I don't know if he knows anything. Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me. I just said, "Oh, I will have to talk to Neil about that." Neil doesn't stress out about much, so it went in one ear and out the other and we never did discuss it again.

Anyway...I hope all will be well with your little one there.


Cheryl said...

She's so pretty! I hope everything's okay.

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