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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Watch Out, it's a Homesteader on a Rampage!

In the State of Kansas one is not allowed to advertise raw goat milk for human consumption. But you can paint a handmade sign and place it outside of your home stating that you do indeed have raw goats milk. To be able to advertise it legally you have to get yourself a business license to sell goat milk soap. No, you can not advertise that you have raw goat milk for sale to make soap unless you {as the business owner} sells pre-made soap. So now I have two options, I drive around aimlessly for hours trying to locate one of those handmade signs, or I find people with milking goats and ask them if they know where I can buy raw goats milk. I really want to make my own cheese. But now that I think of it, the vet in a neighboring town mentioned that her primary clientele are sheep and goats that have been attacked by domestic dogs, maybe I should ask her. It could make my hunt so much more easier.

We are starting our preparations for building our green shelter. To go green adds 2% to your construction costs. That makes little sense to me when you are using recycled and natural materials. We have a good chunk of money to spend in the construction, I hope that it is enough, but on the chance it isn't, I have been roaming around the internet trying to find any programs that would help us go green. If I lived in Canada I would be able to get some help, here in the USA however, unless you make 80% below the medium, or are a non-profit organization that wants to turn rural America into multiple family house neighborhoods, there is not a single program out there. We are a working class family, below the medium of our state but not enough to be deemed helpable. We are in that category of people that make too much for any assistants, but not enough to do anything but survive paycheck to paycheck. We are unable to refinance or get a home equity loan because we are in a trailer. I really don't want to get a high interest loan to be able to finish our home. Anyone want to buy my novel?

I must confessed, I lied in my last entry. It is not fall here, we are still in swing season. Just that the swing is long and slow. Back to early summer highs for us today. Good, more time for my tomatoes, but the chicks, the chicks have to go into the nursery today.

I also have a lot of canning that must be done today. Speaking of food, we were going out apple and blackberry picking last weekend. The blackberry farm is no longer selling to the public, and the apples at my husband's grandmother's house are full of worms. We have, however, located an apple orchard an hour from here {that would be an hour of open road, 70 mph all the way} for twenty nine cents a pound. It's also close to a wheat farm where I can pick up sealed barrels of wheat at a decent price.

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Bug said...

The goat icon thing in your sidebar is just crackin' me up!!

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