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Monday, September 18, 2006

Swing Season is freaking me out.

According to my schedule I should be working on my novel. Just not feeling it this morning. So I am posting what is officially my second post of the day, even if I have slept in between posting.

Preparations have begun for winterizing the homestead. The final corn harvest comes in today, one sweet potato plant must be over turned, and soon the peanuts will have to come up. I am interested in knowing why my Brussel sprouts have not produced anything. Usually by now I have harvested many of those miniature cabbages that smell so bad and turn children into stone. My tomatoes will have to deal with the weather changes, as I do not want to up root them until after the first hard freeze of winter.

I am also concerned with my layers. I found 3 banny eggs yesterday, all from the same hen. Everyone else seems to be molting and have ceased egg production. I have heard that many other homesteaders are concerned because molting has started early this year for chickens in Canada to South Texas. And this can only mean one thing. . . a very hard winter. The farmers almanac does say that it will be colder here then usual, but not that bad. My area has not had a blizzard since 1988, maybe we are due for one. Though I hope it isn't for another year at least. back in January 2005, we had an ice storm that pulled trees down onto power lines. We went without electricity for 3 days. And it was below zero at noon during that time. We hope to be off the grid by this time next year, we will at least have a fireplace then. I digress, the egg situation has caused me to buy eggs for the first time in 2 years. They do not taste the same.

We have started doing repairs to the home for winter. We will need to buy more propane soon as well. Sometime this week I will need to work on the garage, for we have motorcycles coming in for their winter work.

Funny, I posted earlier about worthless time, and now I feel a slacker type day ahead of me. But today should be an easy day. I have more ketchup to can and some hickory corn to soak {will try corn nuts again} other than that, I see plenty of playing with children time a head of me. This is just a preview of winter. No worries though, I will start some new projects very soon, and I will be right back to hurting myself and making silly mistakes. Strange, that makes me happy.


alrescate said...

Thanks for trying to make corn nuts again but if it has become a personal challenge you don't have to keep at it just for me. (I like beef jerkey too...)

And there isn't anything wrong with enjoying a day that doesn't have you working every minute.

Phelan said...

The corn nuts aren't just for you {I know you like jerky} I planned on corn nuts when I bought this type of corn. And it is a perssonal challenge, it shall be done!

UKBob said...

I don't know if this link will help with your brussel sprout problem or not.

Jessie said...

I remember that ice storm! I was without power for two days. My gutters were screwed up from trees falling. What a mess! Nothing like good old Kansas. :-)

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