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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday BlogRoll call

Overwhelmed With Joy is a blog I found only yesterday with the help of Adventures in 100 Acre Wood. Monday Oct 2 starts Holiday Cooking Blogger style. Where Blogger's will post their favorite holiday recipes to be shared with the world. I hope to see more of you signed up.

Millertime comes to us by Lisa. A witty woman and a great flower gardener. I am envious, and find myself living vicariously through her gardening. My flower garden gets over run by pumpkins, watermelon, edible sunflowers or tomatoes every year.

Gardener to the Big house. When I first saw the title I thought, a prison gardener? Nope, he is a gardener on a large estate in the UK. A professional that shares tips, opinions and his life stories.

More Cowbell is written by Justin. He is in med school, and doesn't update regularly. But still worth the short trip over to see him. He too is witty, and very playful. I am confident that he will be a hit with his patients. An old soul and kind hearted, his blog is about his observations of the world.


Justin said...

*sob* I'm such a slacker! Just two weeks ago, I was still consistently updating every day.

I can't wait to be done with this Pharmacology test.

Phelan said...

It was just a gentle nudge to let you know that we dig ya! Good luck on the Phamacology test!

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